This is the time of year when I want to throw in the towel. On gardening, watering, battle of the weeds, and more watering. I just want to wait it out for cooler weather and then go full speed ahead once again. I always have it out with the garden weeds in particular. The weeds always win. I’m hot, tired, mad and crabby from the heat, and so I just look the other way while the weeds take over. 077.jpg       This year was just like always. I was about to get the mower out when Marshall started talking about planting a fall garden. What?! I was going to plant in my stock tank garden and skip cleaning the big garden. Some idiot let the weeds take over. So, the same idiot that let the weeds take over, had to go out there and pull them all out. It was horrible. I thought I was near death. It was hot and humid, dying of thirst, sweating like a pig, and the sun beating down on me. The weeds were laughing at me hysterically. Mad Cow kicked in and I kicked their butt!! Just look at all those piles of weeds! 074.jpg     Here’s proof. I survived “the battle of the weeds”. I’m not sure if I want to smile…….or cry….. I just died out there. It’s called a “bad hair” day. Major dirt everywhere. I could not have done it without my faithful muck boots. I staggered to the patio and hollered “HELP” to Candace. She saved my life with a glass full of Gatorade. Make that two…….maybe three, I forget. My brain is fried. 079.jpg     Michael loaded up all the piles of weeds for me and hauled them off. I probably had about 8-10 of them. 085.jpg     I think he’s got a full load. He did it all in one trip. 089.jpg     Yep, those weeds aren’t laughing anymore. They’re gone! Dead gone! I got the last laugh this time! 095.jpg     Next on the list……….go get my tiller, Michael. This was the easy job. I got it all tilled up and ready for the fall planting. Whooohooooo! What a relief! 104.jpg     My tomatoes are in the center of the garden so there’s plenty of room on either side of them. The bottom end of the garden is filled with pumpkin vines. Hope I get a lot of pumpkins. I think I need to send Candace out there to cut the sunflower heads off. They seem to be drooping a bit. Oh man, she’s going to have a fit when I tell her that. 105.jpg     This side still has all my pepper plants. They’re loaded with peppers. Jalapeno poppers…….here I come. I’m going to cut my corn off and tie it into bundles for my corn shocks this fall. I hang them up and let them dry. It always looks like tobacco hanging from the barn rafters. Hahaha……..maybe I should try smoking some. Would that ease my stress level?! 120.jpg     This is how I felt the rest of the day. Well……besides the evening milking……supper…..the dishes…….then dragging my weary body to bed. What an awesome feeling of tired though………………..Carol