It’s hard to believe that any flowers can actually bloom this time of year. With all of our extreme heat, it’s a wonder that anything is still alive. So I take “little garden tours” in the evening to check on all my beloved plants. Here’s what I find……………049.jpg     I’m definitely going to plant plenty of these next year. Periwinkles do great in the heat. I wish I would have planted twice as many. 066.jpg     My short perennial grass is now shooting up little foxtails. I have quite a few of these around the farm. My only problem is………..those nasty cats. The little kittens love to jump and play in it. I wouldn’t care, but they always end up killing the center of the plant. I can’t allow that to happen. These look great in the fall with pumpkins.063.jpg     My hostas have beautiful white blooms. They smell so wonderful. I left the barn last night after milking, and took a nice long drag of these blooms. Smelled heavenly! Please excuse the brown leaves, my hostas are tired…..and hot. 058.jpg     Most of my dragon wing begonias are doing great. Give or take a few stubborn plants. I always plant lots of these by the patio. They want shade. Makes a nice contrast to my white door. By the way…….I move my pots around all summer long. Keeps me motivated. 053.jpg     My private patio. I love to putter around out here. Some of the plants are looking kinda wind blown. Baked in the sun. Gasping for their last breath. I tell myself to hang on until fall……then all will turn nice and beautiful again. Come sit for a spell. I’ll fix a nice refreshing drink…..iced coffee, cherry limeade, ice tea, anything you want. 064.jpg      I still have a few lone hydrangeas blooming. I have plans to plant more this fall. Different kinds, different colors. Different flower bed. 056.jpg     Right here, around this tree. I want something different in the red pots. See, that’s what happens when I do all my watering by hand. I stand their and daydream. How can I make this look better? What plant would grow in this spot? Which color should I use? All good questions. Then I pull out my phone and start researching. Earl never, ever says no to my planting ideas. He wants to live! 014.jpg     My crepe myrtle are blooming nice. I need to plant more of these. I just need to find the perfect spot. 027.jpg     Clyde has absolutely no respect for my grass. He just plops down wherever he feels like it. It’s pretty forgiving, so I look the other way. 149.jpg     The black-eyed Susans do pretty good……if I keep them watered. These multiply like crazy. I transplant every year. 156.jpg     And the sweet potato vines. They wilt fast, but as soon as I water them they perk up right away. This is the first year I planted both colors side by side. I really like it. Took me a long time to figure that out. 024.jpg     My purple heart seems to be surviving. I should pay more attention to this. It’s kind of in a remote spot. I’ll write this in my gardening diary.093.jpg     And of course my beautiful sunflowers. The bees love these dudes. I like this color. It’s nice and bright. Candace still hasn’t cut the other sunflower heads off. I better go remind her of that chore………….Carol