The corn patch is done. So now it’s time to make corn shocks. I started this tradition quite a few years ago. I cut the corn while it’s still green, tie it up, and hang it in the barn to dry. It’s time consuming, but fall is my favorite season and so I’ll go to great lengths to decorate the farm. 040.jpg     It was a hot afternoon when we did this. We cut it off and threw everything on the back of Michael’s truck. The “kid” insists on going barefoot. I’d probably whack my toes off if I tried that. And the “dude”……I just wish I had a hat like that. 045.jpg     It’s hard work, but we’ll appreciate those shocks so much more. Earl was wanting to cut the corn off and feed it to the cows. I quickly informed him that the corn is mine. I’ve protected that patch all summer. All four dogs kept the varmints out at night. 054.jpg     After we got everything cut off, I pulled the truck around to a shaded area to finish the project. Notice my big spool of twine. I’m not sure where it came from, but it works for all my gardening projects around here. That should last me a lifetime. 052.jpg     I’ll grab 10-12 stalks of corn, double wrap with the twine, and tie it up. The first time I did this, I was an idiot and didn’t wear gloves to tie. My hands were so sore and I had some painful blisters. Lesson learned! My gardening gloves were “ok”, but leather gloves work best. We go through gloves like crazy around here. 064.jpg     It’s much easier when I have an extra hand to help tie. Or an extra paw. This was the most fun the dogs had all week. Smashing corn! 066.jpg     Now it’s time to hang it up. This is where it gets tricky. The tie has to be at the bottom of the stalks or it won’t hang straight. And tight enough so they don’t fall down. Live and learn! 068.jpg     Since Michael is the tallest in the family, he was the chosen one to help me hang them up. Is this really worth all the work?! Some days I’m not so sure anymore.074.jpg     Here we are. Finally finished. I counted 31 shocks. I don’t need that many, but the corn was there…..I had to use it. 077.jpg     Looks cool hanging up. The reason for hanging is to get it to dry nice and straight. Besides, if I just plop them on some pallets, the mice and varmints get into it. Then it’s a total disaster. 042.jpg     Big girl tried to put the guilt trip on me for not letting them have the corn. Didn’t work! I told her the “sad eye” look won’t work on me. It’ll take something more than that. She walked off in a huff………….life isn’t fair.

I’ll share more corn shocks with you when fall and cool weather arrive………………Carol