I want to introduce you to our newest member of the farm family. I call it my gardening gator, but should probably call it our multi-purpose vehicle. It’s being used for all kinds of farm work. My Dad gave me an awesome deal on this great little 4-wheeled wonder. So now, we’re driving this gator in place of walking, riding bike, 4-wheeler, etc……..006.jpg     The dogs think we got it for them. Musket can jump up there “slick as a whistle.” Three legs or not…..nothing will stop him.012.jpg      It’s used for sitting and “contemplating” life. Must be a deep conversation……….wonder what’s for supper tonight?! 077.jpg     Once in a great while, I get a chance to jump on it and use it. My iced coffee sure tastes good this morning. And stop looking at me that way you stupid cat…….you aren’t getting any. 090.jpg     Sure comes in handy with all my gardening needs around here. That thing can haul a ton of weeds!How in the world did I ever survive without it?! 014.jpg     It’s also used to haul buckets of feed to the heifers. Of course, the cats think they “rule” when it comes to any kind of seat. 025.jpg     The one morning after chores Candace went zooming up and down the road with all the hounds and one cat. The “sausage mutt” can barely peek over the edge. The silly cat hogs the seat……what a circus! Who’s going to “love” on these critters when Candace takes off for her year-long trip?! 016.jpg      Yep! Earl takes it for a ride too. He likes to do his “truck farming” with it. We should probably call it……gator farming. That’s when you check on the crops and pasture with a vehicle so as not to have to get out and walk the field. All farmers do it. My Dad does it. Drive real slow……..inspect….sip some coffee….look closer….sip again…..it’s a tough job! 039.jpg     I tried to tell every one of these “weirdos” that the gator was NOT allowed out in the pasture. There is waaaay too much cow poop out there. That stuff is wicked and evil! It’ll eat everything it comes in contact with. I don’t care how many times it gets washed. It happens to the 4-wheelers, the scraper tractor, etc……but I know they sneak out there when they think I’m not watching. I have eyes in the back of my head…………………Carol