Well, the time has finally arrived. Our cowgirl is “flying the coop.” She’s been busy spending time with all of her best friends. The cows, dogs, cats, and the new calves……..plus a few humans. I’m thinking that she’s going to miss this ole farm. More than she thinks. I know we’re going to miss her. 009.jpg     The hounds are definitely going to miss her. Who’s going to pull all the ticks off of them? Who’s going to shove that big wormer pill down their throat? Who wants to make a wager that it’s going to be me?! 068.jpg     Saying goodbye to one of her favorite cows. As much as she dislikes milking, she’s gonna miss the bovines. 071.jpg     Just for the record………………it does not work to milk with a cat in your arms. Put that stinkin cat down and get to work. Earl is going to have a total fit. 088.jpg     I asked Michael what he’s going to do when she leaves. His words………..I’m going to thank Jesus. A little sibling rivalry going on or something?! He’s going to miss her, it’s just not cool to say so. He’s 16 and it’s against the rules to show any emotions whatsoever. 015.jpg     Marshall on the other hand, is still “the kid” and very emotional and sentimental about things. When I asked him what he’s going to do………….he was still trying to decide if he’s going to cry or not. Yep, he’s not going to know what to do with himself. They’re best buds. 028.jpg      She loves the little newborns. The dogs are always right smack-dab in the way waiting for any leftovers. 042.jpg     This is by far the best picture yet. I hate when this happens. Those little squirts always go for the rear end and then they do the “bump” with their head and almost lift you off your feet. I was laughing my head off! 044.jpg      Holding our little “Bambi” calf. It’s so tiny and so cute. The dogs are bigger than the calf. I’ll talk more about that later. 042.jpg      She’s leaving early in the morning…….saying goodbye the night before. Hmmm…….wonder if Marshall will be taller than her by the time she comes back home?! 047.jpg     Let the craziness continue! They have all these weird moves and crazy vocabulary. Am I going to have to take over that responsibility too? Good grief! I’m going to be exhausted. I’ve already got Mad Cow! Now this too. 048.jpg     So these two farmers are going to hold down the fort while Mama and Papa deliver big sister to her destination………Ohio. They want to do this. They’ll be fine. They have the machete, the B.B. gun, and the axe as their weapons. 125.jpg     I overheard the cows talking “smack” by the water fountain. They promised they would behave for the boys. They wouldn’t do any fighting, breaking down fences, or crazy stuff like that. We will see……………………..Carol