Yes, we’re back. Back to the bovine world. Back to the muck and the mire. Back to a new normal…..without Candace? It’s so quiet. I don’t like it. Give me some “opera” singing in the barn. Give me some racing around the kitchen running after Marshall. Give me some sarcasm. I was surprisingly strong. I didn’t have an emotional breakdown. I chewed a hole in my cheek…..I told myself to keep it together…….don’t cry, Candace is happy……suck it up, for cryin’ out loud.  Pep talk mania! 004.jpg     Earl was the designated driver, but had to take a break in the back seat. Too much road……not enough Dr. Pepper.006.jpg     Candace was losing her mind too. We are not made to sit for so long a time. We have ants in our pants. The only thing that saved me was my iced coffee. 024.jpg     See, I told you I didn’t lose it. There were tears behind my smile. 025.jpg     Earl thought he had to be a tough “dude” and didn’t even whimper. So we said “see ya later, cowgirl” and took off. 029.jpg     We headed to my brother’s house to hang out and eat all of our cares away. We had smoked brisket……and his signature barbeque sauce. We chowed down. We are carnivores you know. 041.jpg     Yep, that’s right. We were livin high on the hog! If I lived in Ohio I would be at their doorstep today begging for a brisket sandwich. 035.jpg     I’m fairly certain that these two have no idea what they’re talking about. They’re just “shootin the bull”.011.jpg     My brother was chopping some fresh feed for their small beef herd. They do have cows in Ohio. I was not in total withdrawal.064      My brother’s three “farm Queens”. Some day they’ll make some good farm hands. Girls make excellent tractor drivers.106.jpg      What do ya mean Candace isn’t home?! Who’s going to hold me and protect me from the mean dogs? 119.jpg     Who said “mean dogs”? Do I look mean? Heck no! I’m kind, fair and loyal. I want Candace back. She’s my best friend. 066.jpg     The boys did an awesome job holding down the fort. They were glad to see us, though. Marshall put in his order for a milkshake and Michael was just relieved to have some more help again. So here’s to the new normal on the ole farm……………………Carol