Well, it’s getting real close to calving season. Or should I say…..lose your mind season?! We have a handful of new calves right now. I guess they decided to pop out a little early. The one I call “Bambi” was about two months premature. I can’t believe it survived. So weenie! So tiny and cute. It sounded like a little lamb bleating when we picked it up out in the pasture.006.jpg     Here’s Marshall holding the little squirt. We all took a turn holding it. We had to. It was so tiny. 012.jpg     We just lift it out of the pen to feed it because the other calves are three times its size. And they’re bullies. Once the weather turns cold, we’ll put them in their own little hutch. It’s still way too hot and those hutches are like little green houses. Earl  is the newborn calf feeder. He vaccinates and feeds the colostrum. They can be stubborn little jerks.020.jpg     That milk sure was tasty. I’d like to have some more. I’m cute and tiny and I’m pretty sure I will be spoiled. 009.jpg      I like eating my supper outside the pen. My friends watching me like to play rough. And the dogs…….they won’t stop licking my face. That big, fat black one is really scary. He only has three legs. What the heck happened to him. I heard they took his “nuts” off and that’s why he’s so humongous. Hahaha Glad I’m a heifer. 013.jpg     These scary humans just pick me up and “fling” me every which way. I guess because I’m tiny they think I don’t care. I’m gonna grow big and strong so they can’t do that anymore.025.jpg     Just because I’m tiny doesn’t mean I’m not mighty. It’s survival of the fittest around here. And I want to survive. 114.jpg     My neighbors over yonder are big and strong. I can’t wait until I can eat “big girl” feed. That’s so cool!051.jpg      Before you know it……..I’ll be as big as this girl. Then I’ll go into that big barn and give lots of milk and the humans will love me all the more……………….Carol