It’s been a stressful week. Candace is gone….I caught a cold somewhere along the way….coughing and hacking all week, driving everyone crazy….I ran out of my iced coffee concentrate….new calves popping out everyday….and did I mention Candace left?! She was always the one that could lighten up any tense moment.   So this morning while milking, I figured out what my problem was. I needed to do some serious digging in the dirt.  025     I love the color orange!  I was long overdue to spend some time in the flowerbeds.  I got a lot done today, but I have a long ways to go yet.061.jpg    I decided to break out a few of my corn shocks and see how they look. I also had some plants that needed to be divided and transplanted. Let’s see what this gator is made of. 060.jpg     I also dug a scarecrow out of storage and decided I might as well set him up so he has something to smile about. 036.jpg    I headed out to the flowerbed by the road. It needed some serious attention. The fence is something I just added. I was looking for something in the old barn and happened to see this old antique. A light bulb went on and here we are. I thought it added some character to my boring flowerbed. 064  This bush had to go…….it didn’t fit into my plan anymore. I dug him up and planted him in by the barn. 063.jpg     I did a lot of dividing and digging. Hoping that next spring everything will look nice and organized. Hope the fall rains come soon. I’m getting tired of watering.069.jpg     Once I had everything divided and planted where I wanted it, I thought it needed some more compost. Here I am digging up a nice load. Of course the heifers had to come and investigate. They’re nosy creatures. I got the heck outta there fast. If they eat that new seat that Earl got for the four-wheeler……….I’m dead! 081.jpg     Here’s my finished product. I kinda like it. It needs a couple of big pumpkins yet, and some bright mums. That’ll have to wait. A milk can and an iron wheel would finish the look, but I can’t put stuff like that out by the road. I had a wheel by the mailbox for years and some loser came along and stole it. That still ticks me off!082     This guy just won’t stop smiling. What in the world…..maybe he likes his job. Better than being stuck in storage. I think my smile is coming back too……Candace called this week, that was great….I mixed up another batch of coffee concentrate….my annoying cold is almost gone….and we had 6 brand new calves this week. Things are looking up…………….Carol