We had plenty of excitement last weekend. More calves being born……..but this one was something special. We brought it back from the brink of death. Literally. Never did that before. Here’s a picture of the little squirt!056           I happened to look out my kitchen window and thought I saw a suspicious speck out yonder. I grabbed the binoculars and sure enough……..a heifer trying to calve. I high-tailed it out the door and hollered at Earl……We got something going on down there!!! You should have seen him jump. Hahaha  He took the four wheeler and I got the gator. We got down there and yes……she definitely needed help.002.jpg       This is the big / little Mama! We got all the “calf delivery” tools out and went to work. The poor little sucker was stuck. By the time we had the calf out, it’s tongue was all puffy and swollen…..bad sign. The eyes weren’t moving…..it was taking its last breath. So Earl grabbed the hind legs and held it upside down to drain the lungs of all the junk…..I went to work palpitating the sides…..gross. It was all slimy and wet….rather disgusting. Earl laid it on the ground and said it’s gone….too late. I kept palpitating the sides and all of a sudden it gasped a long breath! Quick……Earl grabbed it again and stood on top of the four wheeler holding it upside down. We looked like a couple of “kooks” out in the middle of the pasture swinging a calf around. We kept working with it for what seemed like forever. Finally it gasped a deep breath again…..moved it’s tongue…..and the eyeball starting rolling around. All good signs. 044.jpg      Here’s the little “jerk” a day later. Spunky and alert and hungry as a horse. ( Jerk is an affectionate name for animals around here ) I don’t have any pictures of all the action because my hands were filthy and I was way too busy resuscitating the newborn. This was exciting stuff! 033.jpg     We went out back with the gator to pick it up and bring it in to the other calves. Earl’s the official calf catcher. He can run like none other when the need arises. Hahaha049.jpg     Taking its first gator ride. It seemed to really enjoy it. I heard it tell the dogs…….haha I’m up here riding and you hafta run. Mama there is still a little wobbly. She’s going to need some time to heal. That was a “dramatic” or “traumatic” delivery. 052.jpg     Hanging out with all of its other friends. It seems to be just fine. Earl was a little scared……..going without oxygen for so long. So far it seems perfect. 058.jpg     Clyde gave it a warm welcome…….Glad you made it “Tiger”. We haven’t actually named it yet. That will take a family meeting. It’ll take days before we agree on something……..until then it’ll be the miracle calf………Carol