I can’t believe it’s already county fair time. Time flies when you’re having fun…..or that’s what they say anyway. So “the kid” always wants to show a heifer or something at the fair. We aren’t big into showing but he did get to have a little fair fun this week. 063.jpg          Here he is posing nice for the camera. We aren’t winners………in fact, when it comes to “fair showing”, we always lose. Every time. Every year. Amen. But look…..he’s still smiling, and he keeps going back for more. What a good sport. Or a sucker for punishment. 012.jpg     He seems to be pretty content to just sit there all day…..drink pop and pick up cow poop. What a life. 016.jpg      I think it’s the fair atmosphere that he likes. Hanging out with friends, (playing games), eating fair food, (gut rot) , skipping school, (homework).  Carnival rides are always a plus too. (dangerous if you ask me)026.jpg      Getting ready to march. Last minute preparations so we can lose again. At least the kid has nice white pants. This whole fair thing took me by surprise. I woke up “show morning” in a panic…….where are the white pants?! I headed upstairs and the first drawer I opened…..there they were. Blessed whiteness! I ordered Marshall to hurry try them on. What if they don’t fit?! Do I remember where I got these? Oh yeah, now it’s coming back……painter pants. What a lifesaver! Well, they fit perfect. Just a little long. No “high waters” this year. People look at the heifer, not the white pants, right?!035.jpg     Deep, dark secrets being told right here. Nothing helped, we still lost. Got a nice t-shirt out of the deal.040.jpg       This is hilarious! Marshall is the kid in the ring bracing himself trying to lead the stubborn heifer. Hahaha 062.jpg     He really doesn’t know that much about showing…….he’s there to have fun. That’s what it’s supposed to be, right? We do it for “the children.” Yes, that’s right. 034.jpg     Marshall isn’t in this picture. I just wanted to show you this HUGE fan. I know my fans, and this is massive. I want one for Christmas! It’s bigger than my house. And my barn. I have no place to put it, but I have to have one. This thing will “flat move some air!”037.jpg     Way to go kid!! Proud of you for hanging in there. It was fun for one day…….or was it? I’m still thinking about that one. I was actually kinda glad to get home and do some manual labor……..milking. Do not ever tell Earl I said that! I can’t handle standing or sitting around all day. Makes me cranky and nervous. The boys will go back for more though, I’m sure of it………………….Carol