Well, we had a beautiful surprise greet us the other morning. Twins! I can’t believe she had them all by herself. It was on a dark and stormy night. That’s when the “big girls” always decide to deliver their bouncing baby calves. Whenever a major weather front is moving in……check your cattle. Things happen on nights like that. 045.jpg     Here they are. Cute little stinkers. One’s a bull and the other a heifer. This is our first set of twins this season. We’ve got a lot of calves “comin down the pike”…. so who knows what else we’ll have this year. Multiple births are always fun, but hard on the Mama. And then the calves grow up and go their separate ways. 006.jpg     Yes Maam…….I sure did! Delivered all by myself. I hollered for some back-up, but the farmer never showed up. What the heck was going on? It’s bad enough for one, but two…….lucky I am experienced. 009     This is what happens when we milk fresh cows. If they don’t have a cow behind them, they tend to be a little “skiddish” and like to raise that ole leg. Not wanting to get our teeth bashed in, we have Michael lean up against them. Kinda lets them know who’s boss. They calm down in a few days once the tenderness goes away. 012.jpg     Paint sticks, chalk sticks, duck tape…….it’s all very important stuff. Comes in real handy for marking cows. Here we used paint to remind everyone that she just had a calf. F…….stands for fresh. And then we have other letters. Some nice and some not so nice. Don’t judge until you walk in our shoes for 20 years. Hahaha We are a “mad cow” farm. 013
Mama is going to have her hair done today. Give her a break. She’s had a stressful week. She still looks a little tired but we are taking care of her calves so she can rest up and concentrate on producing lots of that blessed milk. 017.jpg     Both calves drank pretty good this morning. A little slow, but they’ll get the hang of it. 021.jpg     This one is a little “knock-kneed. They’re both a little wobbly. They’re all legs when first born. Pretty soon they’ll be running and jumping and kicking their legs up in the air. Having “calf fights” with each other.  043.jpg    They had their breakfast and now it’s time for a nap. That’s all newborns do…….eat and sleep. It’s a great life. 062.jpg     I love weekends. Not because I get a day off. Whatever that is?! Because the boys are home from school and we have extra help to get all the work done. Picking up new calves…..milking brand new heifers…..sorting cattle…..feeding hay……the list goes on and on. My poor gator……it’s getting a major workout……….Carol