Yep, we are in the thick of things. Brand new heifers, new calves, trying to put our wheat crop in before the next rain. Wheat is the most important crop we put out. Earl is going 100 mile an hour….every day…..all day. I’m trying to help put out all the fires that keep popping up. So to calm my frazzled nerves I bought a few fall plants at my favorite farm store. I was there to buy dog food……but got a little carried away. Plants calm my heart and soul.056     Maybe these will work for a few days, then what? I think I’ll stock up on some more chocolate. That always makes me feel good.048.jpg     Here’s Earl going hard at it. Making the dust fly. Fertilizer comes tomorrow. Then the seed. More tractor driving. Will it ever end?!  004.jpg    Milking time is stressful these days. Those crazy heifers. Will they ever learn? They can be so stubborn. Hmmm……something is very wrong here. Weirdo decided it was time to turn around. Then she discovered there was no way out. And Earl wasn’t going to let her leave without putting a milker on her. It’s a battle between Earl and the heifers. Earl always wins!003.jpg          I’m scared to touch the new ones. I don’t want a broken arm and I want my teeth. See Earl’s finger here? Yep, he’s in freak-out mode. I’m standing there picking my nose…..he’s yelling at me to do something…..telling me to figure it out…’s not that hard…..does he have to do everything?!?! I’m still standing there thinking to myself…….I’m going to strangle him if he doesn’t shut up!!!! Hahaha Don’t let anyone fool you. It’s not all “hunky dory” working with your spouse 24/7.067.jpg      Here we are…….the crazy dairy couple. Yep, we’re coming up on 23 years of bliss. Define bliss, please. Milking cows is not about fashion, but we really could care less. We’re working, man! 010.jpgThen we have cows that don’t “clean” on their own. We have to hold them back on their way out and Earl treats them and helps them with the “afterbirth thing.” The dogs and the turkey buzzards are in “hog heaven” around here. I hate dodging afterbirth when I’m trying to milk a cow. 023.jpg     Then we have water problems. We have to pay for our water around these here parts. The cows refuse to drink well water. Spoiled bovines! This morning Earl got fed up and decided he’s going to fix the float so those naughty cows cannot make a mess anymore. 019.jpg     This was serious business. The sparks were flying……literally. Get ‘er done, man!035.jpg     As soon as we fixed it, Clyde jumped in to cool off. What a hound. All the dogs do it except “sausage mutt”, he’s too short. So he plops in the mud. 002.jpg      Here’s the mutt. He misses Candace. She gave him all the lovin. Now he just lays around depressed all the time. Poor guy……he’s so ugly, he’s cute. 046.jpg     And we have the stress of mud. It’s hot….we had rain. Now this. Those dumb cows. They have meetings every morning and appoint a few cows to do annoying things that day. They think it’s funny. I think it’s insanity! Makes milking time all the more crazy.050.jpg       Still working in the field! Is he ever going to finish?! I even took a turn. Farm girls learn how to do a little bit of everything. Just a few more days……..then I think we’ll be able to relax a bit. Until then, I’m dreaming of more flowerbeds and lots of chocolate…………….Carol