I declare, there’s something in the water around here. The cows are popping out twins every week. Only this week they were Jersey. They’re weenie and cute. I love Jersey calves. I think they make the prettiest cows. 013      Awww…….their legs are so wobbly and they could barely stand. Earl says they would’ve never survived on the Serengeti. They would’ve been lunch for the lions and tigers. He loves to watch safari shows. Hahaha But this time we humans are here to step in and protect the little critters. 018      Big, mean Mama! She really isn’t, but tries to be intimidating. Kinda cool…….black cow and brown calves. Earl bred her to a Jersey bull. He does the A.I. thing and then we have “the brothers” clean up whatever he misses. The technical term is “clean up bulls”. 034.jpg      Jersey calves always have perfect eye makeup. And it’s permanent. Just look at the beautiful eyeliner on this one. Lucky little “jerks”. Of course I would notice that but my “dudes” never see it that way. Haha 044.jpg     I can’t tell them apart except one’s a bull and the other a heifer. The heifer is actually the most aggressive. You go girl!042.jpg      It’s not just the cows……the calves are nuts too. Remember the calf we brought back to life? This is the Mama. When we put her in the lot to milk her……she did the splits. That’s a death sentence for a cow. So we pulled her out of there and made her a nurse cow until she heals. It might take a month or so, but that’s better than a “down cow”. 043.jpg     Yes siree……those calves love her to death! We put her in the pen every morning and evening and they just attack her. Don’t panic……she loves the attention. I see one small problem here. There are five calves, and I know that cows only have four “tits”. One of these is definitely getting ripped off. I checked just to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind, and yes, only four faucets. We still feed them extra milk…….I’m pretty sure she can’t keep up with that many hungry mouths to feed.034.jpg      And then we have the “dog” situation. The pups have grown up to be dogs. They’re “humpin” everything around here. That’s rubbish! I’m not putting up with that. The nuts have got to go! I got on the horn and made an appointment at the vet clinic for next week. They are going to take a fun trip to town. That’ll be interesting. We will see what happens with that. Hahaha051.jpg     I overheard Musket chuckle to himself when he heard about the town trip. He’s been there and done that. Plus more. He’s not handing out any sympathy. He’s just going to lay back and watch the drama unfold. 037.jpg      What is in our water? It’s a farm gone mad! I know what I’m gonna do………drink bottled water until things calm down. Just to be on the safe side……………Carol