Well, well, well! We hit 23 years of wedded bliss today. I can’t believe it has been that long. How time flies when you’re having fun……..or when you live on a dairy farm. 118.jpg     We didn’t get to go on a tropical paradise vacation or anything fancy like that. We drag around a ball and chain that’s called a “dairy farm”. Some days we can barely lift our legs and other days we can kick a mile high. When “mad cow” sets in…….there ain’t no stoppin us. We took a few hours off today and went to the big city. 099.jpg     This was our anniversary sunrise this morning. That was my sign……..my destiny is to be a professional milkmaid. That made me feel better for about five minutes. 095.jpg     The bovines all greeted us with happy smiles and udders full of milk this morning. I just grunted something inaudible and kept walking. I’m not a morning talker…. Earl is…….and to think we’ve survived 23 years of this together?! 094.jpg     Barbara wanted her ears scratched and so I did do that for her. I like her even though she can be a feisty little rat. She wants to know when Candace is coming home. She got a lot more lovin’ from her. 104.jpg        We thought it would be a good idea to take a few pictures while we were all cleaned up. We look pretty happy here…….I think……maybe…..Yea, we are! 106.jpg     The boys went with us to the city today. Makes it more fun for us. We tend to get boring in our old age. They’re good help and need a reward for their hard work every now and then. 122.jpg      Marshall tried to show me how to use my chopsticks. I couldn’t get the hang of it…….rather than starve I grabbed my fork. I was hungry man, I didn’t have time for breakfast.128.jpg     We stopped and got some ice cream on the way home. Earl is thinking……take the stupid picture, my cone is melting. I’m thinking…..wonder if I still have time for a short nap before chores. We are “party animals!110       I can’t believe I took a selfie! The boys were in freak out mode! But I had to do it! Twenty-three years, man! I’ll try to keep it under control next time. Those photo bombers in the back……..mind your own business! All in all…..had a pretty good day…………………..Carol