First of all…….you won’t believe what happened on Monday morning?! You guessed it……another set of twins!!! This is getting to be pretty comical. This was another A.I. cow that Earl bred to a Jersey bull. They came out two different colors. One is golden and the other is dark brown. And the Mama is black. Whew! Life is getting complicated. 008.jpg     Yep, right here they are. Two cute little “jerks. Spunky little farts! Hmmmmm…….which one is the cutest? I like the golden.

     Now on with “the rest of the story”……….Our calf pen situation needed immediate attention. We were just putting the calves in group pens under the shade trees because our hutches are cold weather hutches. So we really didn’t have any good spot for calves because it’s still blazing hot outside. By the time we got all the calf feeding done everybody was exhausted…..we had spilled milk…..”udder” chaos…..mass confusion…..and did I mention we were all ticked off at each other?! 042.jpg      So last weekend, Earl decided to put a stop to the madness. The hutches were going under the shade trees……even if they were a mile off. We also had many heated conversations about that. Under the trees or not under the trees! How far is too far away?! This was a big family affair. Everybody helps with calf feeding. Here’s Earl unloading the hutches. They were stacked all summer long and the ivy tried to take over. 028.jpg     We all had a job to do. I had to keep yelling at Marshall to stay focused. The kid can get sidetracked so easily. 043.jpg     Michael was in charge of trimming all the low-hanging branches. He loves his handy dandy little saw. It’s no fun when your head gets caught in the “hackberry” trees. Grrrr……024.jpg     And I was placing hutches, picking up sticks, barking orders, etc…That’s what Moms do, right?! 040.jpg     We took about half of the hutches back to the trees to give us a good start. After we place them we have to go along and wire hog panels to each individual hutch. The calves all get their own little “apartment”. That’s called organization. Freedom. Privacy. My own space. It works best this way. The calves do best when they have their own hutch.069.jpg     Taking a short break. They had to refuel. We have to hurry finish this project because “chore time” is just around the corner. 060.jpg     Next it’s time to load them all up and haul them to their new homes. This is always fun. As soon as we get them on the trailer…..they jump right back off. Musket there, could pass for a calf. He’s big enough. He finally decided to skedaddle out of there. Things were getting a little too rough for him. 071.jpg     It’s easiest to grab them and carry them over to the hutch. Otherwise they take off like a rocket. This calf is just about to escape. He’s got that “raptured” look and is trying to figure which direction he should run. 073.jpg     Michael and Earl do the weight lifting. I’m the official gate “opener” and “closer”. Is that a word? 076.jpg     I think they’re going to like their new home. It’s nice and cool under the shade trees. 080.jpg     I know this little jerk is going to like its own space. No one to bully it anymore. I checked this morning and its legs are finally starting to straighten up. I think it looks kinda cute this way. 087.jpg     Heading back to the house/barn. I thought the calf organization was going to keep us all sane. But by the looks of things that’s not going to happen. Marshall has a good excuse. He misses his sister…..a lot. They did all the “horsin” around. The barn is pretty quiet without her opera singing. Hahaha…………………Carol