The pups have grown up to be dogs. Technically they belong to Candace. She’s the one that begged to get them. I’m wondering if she’s going to take care of the latest vet bill. Yes…….they took their fun little ride in to town this week. They are now well-behaved and well-mannered dogs. 023.jpg     Remember when we first got them? So cute….Brawny is on the left and Clyde on the right. I knew they were going to be big dogs. Their paws are huge. They’re eating a 50 pound sack of dog food every day. Almost. Seems like it. Well, they have help. Musket and Sausage Mutt help too. 038.jpg     Here we are…..driving into town with not one but two dogs. And we thought we had it bad with Musket. Once again we took the beat up farm truck. The only vehicle that can handle the smell. Holy Moly!!! Where have these dogs been? Or where haven’t they been. I was trying not to gag, but of course they thought this would be a good time to show their affection. They thought closer was better.045.jpg      Clyde was over yonder giving Earl sweet hugs. He had his head resting on Earls shoulder. I was chuckling to myself the whole time. How’s the smell over there, Earl? Hahaha035.jpg       Brawny on the other hand……was taking it all in. He was seeing all kinds of fun things to hump… last time. Hahaha048.jpg     We had to push and shove them in the door. Instinct kicks in at times like these. Hmmmm…….this is a new smell. Thank goodness he didn’t try anything “funny” with the little woman’s leg. That would have been embarrassing. They scooted on their “butts” the whole way down the hallway. With us pushing, coaxing, pulling on the leash, and saying……it’s OK….Hahaha….they’re just going to take away your “manhood”, that’s all. 061.jpg     This is a bad picture but it was squished in that truck, man! Give me a break! The only thing lacking on this picture……..Earl needs to have his tongue hanging out too. This is on the way home…..the deed is done. 073.jpg      Finally home. Musket told Clyde to quit whining and take it like a man! At least he still has four legs. 089.jpg     They must not be too mad at us……they still come in the barn and take naps while we’re milking. We were told to try and keep them from running and being too active or the stitches might come out. I stood there and laughed and laughed some more………they’re farm dogs…..that’s all they do. Run. Jump. Play. Swim in the pond. Roll in the cow poop. And run some more.021.jpg     Yes siree…. I never dreamed that I would be the proud owner of four dogs. But then again, I never dreamed that I would be a professional “milkmaid” either. Hahaha At least I don’t get bored. And just look how those dogs love me………..I feel so special……………………Carol

P.S. Sausage Mutt is the only one allowed to keep his manhood because he’s a little runt. We felt sorry for him.