Mmmmmm……..this milk sure tastes good! That’s what the calves tell me every time I feed them. We feed all our calves fresh milk straight from the tank. We’ve tried milk replacer , but it just isn’t the same. Plus, it costs an arm and a leg. We’ve fed fresh milk for years and they grow so much better. So today, I’m taking you all for a ride……..we’re feeding calves. Hang on!053     Pay close attention……big girl is watching your every move. She reports back to headquarters everything she sees. 020.jpg      I load all the milk on the back of my handy dandy gator. I usually have around 5-6 buckets full of milk. And my little “scooper” setting on the top. See my shadow? That’s because I am a professional photographer. Just wanted to make sure you knew that. Hahaha017     This is what greets you as you coming flying around the corner. Screaming calves that seem to go on forever. They’re all yelling at the same time……..what took you so long……..where have you been……..we are starving…….hurry up………me first, no…..I’m first………I get the leftovers……..018.jpg     I always start with the two oldest and biggest. If I don’t…….they go sailing across the panel like deer. They can clear the panel and never touch it. Then it’s a circus to try and catch them. 023.jpg       Each calf has their own bucket and I just go down the  row and start pouring. They slurp it down so fast that before I’m ready to move on, they’re already begging for seconds. Calves have absolutely no manners. It’s like “slopping” a bunch of hogs. 025.jpg     This is what they do when they get it all slurped down. They bang those buckets up and down…..around and around……drives me nuts. Some of them always manage to finally twist and turn enough that the whole bucket goes flying. The black cross breeds are the worst. Those little suckers are stout, man. 027.jpg     Pleeeease give me some more!!! Come on! That’s the best tasting milk I’ve ever had. Just a little treat. Pretty, pretty please! If you give me more, I’ll give you a nice wet “smooch”. 029.jpg      That was a pretty tasty breakfast you brought us. Look……I licked the platter clean!032.jpg     “Little Jerz” is waiting patiently. Don’t kid yourself. She can jerk her bucket around and twist it off too. I still haven’t figured it out. This morning I had about half a dozen to wire back up. It’s maddening! I’m hungry and I’m trying to get done so that I can go feed my face too. At this point I’m thinking that my morning chores are going to go on forever. I’m tired….my caffeine is totally gone. A really bad sign!038     This is Mr. Tornado. We’ve had some really crazy “markings” over the years. I like this one……looks like a perfect funnel cloud. 030.jpg       Here’s a nice row of Holstein bulls. Hmmm…….no wonder the semen was free. No heifers out of that batch. Keep an eye out for that “free” stuff. 037.jpg     Please leave me alone. I’m trying to take a nap here. I just had my breakfast and I’m tired again. It’s hard work being a calf. I eat and sleep and gossip with my neighbors. I have a great life!055.jpg      Not bad! Not bad at all! You did a nice job of feeding calves. I’m impressed. Once you wash everything you’re free to go eat your own breakfast or lunch or brunch. Whichever one it is. What time is it anyway?! By the way……..maybe you should quick put some hay out for us “big girls” before you go to the house. And don’t forget to scrape the lots. They’re really messy! Who’s in charge of that? Oh, and one more thing………hey…..where are you going?……………………………Carol