Hello Fall! Good-bye sultry heat and humidity. Man, it feels good outside. I’ve been busy trying to get the farm all up to snuff for fall. It seems to take  longer each year. I’m either getting old or slow or maybe both. Do not ask my kids!! They’re not talkin’. So here’s what I’ve gotten accomplished so far. It’s a work in progress. 042.jpg     This guy is out by the barn. It’s very important to have a positive face close by. Every time I walk past him I see a beautiful smile. On the other hand……..I’m not always in a very good mood when I walk by. The thought has crossed my mind…….Man, I’d like to back-hand that dude…….knock that smile right off his face! I do love his “skull” though. Gives it the “spooky” effect. I’m all about spooky this month. Hahaha044.jpg      This flowerbed has been changed so many times that I’ve lost count. I walk past it all the time and so I need to switch it up every so often. Gives me something to think about while I’m milking the bossies. I just added the fence…..I think it adds character. I ripped out some old plants, rearranged and added some new. Yes, the cat is real. I’ve given up…..I’m now working “with” the cats instead of “against”. I am a loser! 048.jpg     This is also out by the barn. An old pair of chore boots that the kids used to wear. I have “used cows” for sale. The sign has been there for years and I’ve still to sell any. Something is wrong…….maybe I priced them too high?! The cute little “dude” says Howdy. 049.jpg     My milk can collection needed something bright. A nice, big, orange pumpkin. Another happy face scarecrow. I’m surrounded by happy faces. Kinda spooky! The barbed wire is hanging there as a decoration, but could be used as a weapon. You never know……….023.jpg     This is definitely “spooky”. I just happened to look out the barn door and this cat was “lounging” like it owned the farm. We have a ton of black cats around this joint.035.jpg      What the heck?!?! This is a weird looking pumpkin! I made him do it. Marshall is going to kill me if he finds out. Zip the lip! Hahaha044.jpg      I found a small square bale in the barn and had to use it for something. We bale all of our hay in big round bales…….this was still leftover from last years decorations. Small squares work great for fall parties.007.jpg     This is by the front door. Ring the cow bells when you arrive…….the doorbell doesn’t work. There are a few spiders and cobwebs to add to the affect. They are very real! Sad to say. I need my Mom to come help me clean. 009And by the back door. After the mums are finished blooming……..I’ll find an empty spot in my flowerbeds and plant them. They’ll be bigger and better next year. 050      This is what greets you as you pull in the driveway. Another skull…….another happy face…….and the mums will be red once they bloom. 017.jpg      Our first bonfire of the season. I have about 4-5 piles around here that need to be burned. It’s going to be a great season of hotdogs and smores. Yum! 018.jpg     Yes siree. That’s a delicious snack right there. I’ll have that down in about two bites. We love smores!027.jpg      Yep……this is what October is all about. The evil, black cat! The slit in the ear is another great spooky effect. That comes from too many “cat fights” around here. We have lots of cat fights. The cats scream and then the dogs take off running lickity split to find the fight. It’s a crazy world we live in, I’m tellin ya. 028.jpg     Oh yeah……..this is scary. I found these the other morning. A Mama and four little ones. These two were frantically trying to figure out which way to go. I was freaking them out! That’s some rich cow poop right there in the front. Scrape the lots, man!004        To give this story a calm and peaceful ending……..I love pansies. These would look beautiful in my flowerbeds, but alas……..I can’t have it all. Guess I’ll have to settle for less………………………Carol