It’s time to celebrate! Marshall has a birthday on Thursday. The big 14! Whoa! How did that happen? He was just born last week. Now he’s in the Junior High and bringing home school work that is way above my head. I’m not ready for the “empty nest” syndrome. I want to stop the clock for just a few years. 026.jpg     Here’s the youngest farmer on the “Troyer ranch”. He wanted a new straw hat and bib overalls for his birthday. He has a “thing” for straw hats and bibs. Has had for years. Not sure why………maybe because “Dad” likes them.042.jpg     Yep…….told ya! The straw hat thing comes from none other but Earl. Aaaaaack! Those scary shorts keep popping up everywhere. I’m going to make those things mysteriously disappear. Into a winter storage box……never to be seen again. Please…….I hope Marshall never buys shorts with a green stripe on them. 048.jpg      He has lots of musical talent. He’s in band and loves it. Next year he’ll be able to march in the “marching band”. He will be our real life “nutcracker”. I always think of that when they get their little “plume hat” on. I love band!021.jpg     He loves cats. I’m pretty sure he didn’t get that from me. Must be another “Dad” trait. I do like the fresh cow poop on his leg, though. That could be a “Mom” trait.048.jpg Oh my……….”cat love” IS a Dad trait. Is this Marshall in about 40 years or what?! Holy Moly! As they say…… father, like son. 004.jpg     He’s also good at “sneaking” cats into the house when I’m not watching. I’m guessing these two are watching SpongeBob. A total waste of time! I always find out one way or another if there was a cat in the house. Especially if Earl starts complaining that he’s got “bites” around his ankles. Then I’m going through the roof……….our cats can fly. They spread their wings as they go sailing out the front door. Don’t panic……..they always land on their feet. Hahaha006.jpg     He’s also in cross country this year. He’s showing me all of his moves. Who’s trait is this…..Mom or Dad? Something tells me it’s not an Earl move. Hahaha 021.jpg     He loves to drive. Here he’s taking it pretty seriously. We’re driving through the pasture with the ole farm truck. He didn’t stall out one time. That’s pretty good considering he’s driving the old clunker. I’m an experienced driver and I still stall that ole thing. By the way…….the truck is called “Tin Box”. Need I say more?038.jpg     Oh my…….I’m going to be in trouble for this! I was minding my own business, looking for the perfect hose nozzle…….turned around and here he’s sitting in the cart. What?! Awwwww…….what a cute wittle baby! I remember those days. Three kids and a shopping cart! I’m pretty sure that’s when I became a chocoholic!031.jpg     Yes siree…..they grow up fast. He’s good help in the barn. If I can keep him focused. The cats, the dogs, or simply daydreaming…… gets him every time. Happy Birthday young man……………………Carol