Well, along with cool weather comes a whole new line of extra chores. One of those is bedding down calves. Oh, how I dislike this job…..but the calves need soft and fluffy beds to lay on at night. We don’t want sick calves. Cool nights and hot days……..a death sentence for  young calves. 083.jpg     So this morning after regular chores we bedded down calves. Hmmm……..let’s see what these new bibs are made of. 063.jpg     I was dragging my feet on this one. Just look at this loooong line of hutches! This is going to take all day! We’ll never get done! I wish I could get fired! 134.jpg     This is how it works. Earl loads up the flatbed with a bunch of straw/hay. Someone stands on the top of the wagon and pushes big piles off and the rest of us start throwing it into the hutches. We went through one and a half loads today. With just a little extra left over. It’s itchy, back breaking work. 077.jpg     Here’s Earl and Michael working hard. It’s not a job that we want to do on a windy day. That makes for temper flares and lots of yelling. Having straw go down your back and into all the cracks and crevices makes a person go insane. 103.jpg      Yep, that’s right. I’m doing my fair share. Notice I’m holding the hose? Someone accidently stabbed a hole into the hose with the pitchfork……..my brand new 100 foot water hose. I’m pretty sure it was Earls fault. He’s the one that dumped a pile of straw on top of it. Gotta blame somebody, right?! 095.jpg      Looks to me like Marshall’s just goofing off up there on top of the wagon. Having a pretty good time with his shadow. I kept having to get after him and pull him back from “La La” land. I was getting perturbed. A nice word for ticked off and mad! 143.jpg      I always try to take as big a bite as possible. That way I don’t have to make as many trips. I’ll get done faster….the sooner I get done the better. I’m not wearing my sweatshirt anymore……it’s getting warm……I’m hungry…..tired…..thirsty…..grouchy……I wanna go home!138.jpg     Yea, it’s definitely warming up. The “kid” is now barefoot……he wants to be a real pioneer. Looks like the bibs are getting a work out. At least they’re dirty. Like my shadow?110.jpg      Earl and Michael got down to the core of the bale and carried it down the line. Shred and spread! That’s the name of the game. About halfway through Michael had to leave for his “band day” responsibilities. Or so he said. And then Earl said he has to go feed hay to all the other cows. That left Marshall and I to finish up. And Marshall was drifting away to his cloud in the sky. That left “me”.158.jpg     I was not impressed with any of those excuses. I was thinking all kinds of mean thoughts about them. At least the calves said “Thank you” when I got done. 150.jpg     Oh wait……I’m not finished yet. I still need to rinse out their buckets and give them water and feed. Oh man……please…..is this job ever going to end. My feet ache. I’m spitting cotton balls. I could eat a horse. And those boys tick me off. All three of them……. looks like Marshall is busy with the camera.147.jpg      I’m trying to decide how I’m going to punish my boys for leaving before the job was done. Should I make them go without breakfast? Lunch? Supper? Should I let them run out of clean underwear? Oh…..I hate these boots!! My feet hurt so bad! I need new ones, but I just bought these 6 months ago, and they’re already shot. Wonder how many miles I put on this pair?145.jpg      If that don’t beat all?! I have to crawl under the barbed wire fence to get to my hydrant to turn the water on and off. It’s either that or climb over. Once I got to the other side, Big Bubba (the bull) was over there talking to me from across the fence. I didn’t have kind thoughts about him either. 022.jpg     Well. what do ya know?! I finally got to the house. And I ate a whole truck load of these babies! Man, were they good. I also had an iced coffee today. And two and a half chocolate cupcakes. And more strawberries. I’m pretty much “jacked up” on caffeine and chocolate. I did fix lunch for the “boys”, though. Because it was the right thing to do, I think.  And no, I do not have a bad attitude………………….Carol