It’s “band season” and Michael has been marching ever since school started. He’s our real life “nutcracker”. He loves band. He started out playing the clarinet, but wanted a more “manly” instrument……….so now he plays the tenor saxophone. 160.jpg     This is what I’m talkin about! Now doesn’t he look cool?! I love the marching uniforms. I don’t care what color they are……I’m just infatuated with the fancy hats. When I grow up, I’m going to play in a marching band and wear a fancy hat with a huge feather. This was taken in the middle of the day and the sun was beating down relentlessly. They always “melt” in those uniforms. 057.jpg     He gets to go to all the football games and do their fancy marching moves. He doesn’t even come home from school on Friday nights……..he’s all tied up with the band responsibilities. And Marshall goes to the home games to do his community service. So that leaves Earl and I to take care of the bovines. Talk about rough. I wanna go to the games too. Michael is the “dude” up front and right. I have a fancy camera on my Christmas list……..then I’ll be able to zoom in nice and close. Hahaha Wonder what Santa will do with that little tidbit?! 054.jpg     Taking it all in. Marshall can’t wait. Next year he’ll finally be able to join the “marchers”. Then I’ll have two “nutcrackers”. And one “nut”……Earl doesn’t march. 059.jpg      This is what Friday night lights is all about. Just two “nuts” enjoying a football game. We got off the “funny farm” for a few hours. That’s always nice. Earl would much rather watch his football at home though…..with a cold Dr. Pepper… football……NFL football…..and doing his fair share of commentary. 061.jpg     Two “farm dudes” shootin’ the bull. They wore pink ribbons on Friday night and orange ribbons on Saturday for their “band day”. 162.jpg     This is at Band Day. They had to march at 4:00… the heat of the day. I ran out back to where they were waiting and quickly shot a few pictures while he was still all decked out. I had to be kinda discreet about the whole thing. His friends are watching you know. It’s not cool for Mama to be doing the crazy camera thing. I want a hat like that to milk in. Hahaha That would be so awesome! 163.jpg     Go get em’ Cowboy! They also march in the town parades. When they go marching down the street we always yell and cheer for him. He can’t turn his head and acknowledge us, we just see his eyeballs move…..trying to see who the crazy, weirdos are yelling at him. Hahaha173.jpg      Here they are… ‘er done. Now, let’s get these hot suits off before we collapse. I like the “tuba dude”. Oh…..just wait until Marshall joins next year. He and Michael are going to have a blast. Marshall is just like Earl. Drama follows him around everywhere he goes. 175.jpg      Time to go home. That’s his fancy little hat box. He was hot and tired and thirsty. So I made him his favorite……..a chocolate milkshake. And there’s that dumb shadow again. That sorry thing follows me around everywhere I go. 029.jpg      So now we’re back to the basics. Milking those bovines and feeding calves. He’s always glad to get back home after a full day of marching. He’s a stay at home kinda guy. I’m fine with that…..more help for me……………Carol

P.S. For those of you who read my last story……the boys really did run out of clean underwear last weekend. It was totally unintentional. But oh, so funny. I had a good chuckle over that one. Needless to say, I did some laundry today.