With Halloween just around the corner it’s time to bring out all the crazy farm pictures. We have plenty of those. With so many bovines marching everywhere……we have plenty of spooky sightings. Not to mention all the dogs and cats lurking in the shadows.031.jpg Black cats and pumpkins go hand in hand. The skull adds Halloween drama. The dogs keep dragging it to the front yard to chew on it. A lot of scary stuff happens at night time around here. Our dogs and cats are nocturnal. 079.jpg           The cats think they rule. I can’t believe this. Brawny is eating with those nasty cats. He should be growling and snarling at them. I’m so disappointed in him. This is only half of the cat population. The rest of them are probably digging in my flowerbeds. Cat poop is so disgusting!!078.jpg       It doesn’t get much scarier than this! Poor Musket……he’s had such a hard life. He misses Candace a lot. She always gave him a lot of attention. Her nickname for him was…..Fat Boy. Very fitting, eh? And always said in a “sing songy” way. Does that even make sense?! 034.jpg      Oh yea……”Big Girl” dresses up in her ghost costume every year. I keep telling her…It ain’t workin’ sister. But she continues to do it anyway. She must think that it’s really going to scare us. She stands there and shakes her head up and down. Obviously, we have some very bored cows around here. 037.jpg     This cute little “jerk” was born a little crooked. I didn’t zoom in on this until it was already a few days old. I was feeding it and all of a sudden I took a double take. What?! I blinked, wiped my eyes, and looked again. Yep, still crooked. Weird! That’s all I’ve got to say. Cute, but weird! 029.jpg     And then we have dear Shrek. I’ve talked about Shrek before, but she has to be on the spooky, scary and weird list. She was born without ears. Well, she has weenie ears. She can’t hear. Have you ever tried to “herd” a deaf calf. It doesn’t work. We always talk, yell, scream, cry, jump up and down and flail our arms when “herding” cattle. Shrek…..nothing! She just comes running straight for us. Head on! It’s spooky! Makes me want to turn and run for cover. And I don’t scare that easily. She will make an interesting Mama cow. 004.jpg     Oh my goodness! This is the ultimate spookiness. And I know exactly what he’s dreaming about. Dog Sushi!! We have it in abundance around here. It’s also called…..cow afterbirth……fresh calf poop……or dried will do just fine. I refuse to let the dogs lick my face!!007.jpg       This is just weird! Every now and then I’ll find one of these. I’m pretty sure I’m getting ripped off! Those lazy chickens…….they’re walking a fine line these days. I’m thinking that the small egg would be a nice breakfast for Earl tomorrow morning. Hahaha The look on his face…….priceless!044.jpg      This is definitely a scary looking bunch!! Watch out! And I live with these weirdos! Yes siree! I know what I’m going to do for Halloween. Buy a scary mask and see if I can make these boys scream like a girl. All it takes for Earl is a big, fat spider. The other two……I’ll let you know…………………Carol