We almost made it through morning chores without any major drama. Almost……..not quite. There is no such thing as “drama free” on our farm. I was so close to being done and heading to the house, but alas, the bovines decided to throw a wrench into the mix. Why does that not surprise me?! 037.jpg      We’re headed to the back pasture to do the feeding. I’m driving the gator because I don’t want to open and close all the gates. I’m getting lazy in my old age. Or smart?! First we see this cute, little “jerk”, and then we spot trouble. Earl’s going…..Get over there! Faster! Not that way! This way! Hurry! I just love “back seat” drivers. 026.jpg     This has emergency written all over it. Look closely…..the cow has feet hanging out the back. All of a sudden Earl goes…..”I forgot the handles and chains!!!! I can’t believe I did that!!!! What was I thinking!!!!! I am so stupid!!!! How can I be so dense!!!!!” He jumped off the gator to assess the situation. The feet were huge, so he knew we were in trouble. Not enough time to go home and get the chains. 047.jpg      We were surrounded by hungry cows trying to get to all the feed on the back of the gator. I was driving in circles trying to keep the “pigs” at bay while Earl takes care of the cow. He’s waving his arms and giving me the “ole signal” to get over there……..he remembered we had a big chain over by the corrals. I sped over there and found them. Sped back to Earl and the cow. Jumped off and he hooked those around the calf feet. A little too big, but that gave us some leverage to hang on to. Better than nothing. No time to waste! We were both pulling. I’m sure we looked quite comical.  027.jpg    Of course the cow is not in total cooperation. She stood right smack dab in the middle of the mud. So as soon as the calf was half way out Earl grabbed it and carried it over to the grass. Here it is! A bouncing boy! About 30 seconds old. It’s thinking, whew….that was a tough one. I thought I was a goner. Where the heck am I?     036.jpg     The Mama of the other calf thought she needed to help out. Instinct kicks in as soon as the calf is born. They have their calf cleaned up in no time. There are a few exceptions. Every now and then they act stupid and don’t do their job. Right here the calf is thinking……do you have to lick me so hard? Your tongue feels like sandpaper. Take it easy, Mama. 038.jpg      Well, I think our work is done. I went to get back on the gator and Big Bubba was standing right smack beside the drivers seat. He starts “bellering” and doing “bull” talk. I’m thinking…..please go away, I don’t want to die today! I jump on and try to do a fast get away. Thank goodness, he didn’t try anything funny. I hate bulls! 031.jpg      Finally! Lets finish this job and go home. I’m tired and hungry. I don’t want to see any black and whites for awhile. At least not until chore time tonight………..Carol