So , I got a night off from chores this week. It’s always nice when that happens. The “boys” weren’t happy with me, but they got over it. I can’t really blame them……chores are stressful right now. I was afraid I might have to sleep in the barn, but they had cooled off by bedtime. Whew!

    We have a small “women’s club” at church and I’m on the committee with two other very talented “young” girls. So we planned a little get together for the month of October. It was called an “Iron Chef” party. Everyone was supposed to bring a dish with the secret ingredient being pumpkin. Each dish was then judged according to taste, creativity, and appearance. It was delicious! I love everything pumpkin! 032.jpg      Here we have the three fabulous winners. Don’t they look happy and excited?! They each won a prize for winning in their category. I want a prize too……..033.jpg       Here we have the “appearance” winner, Stella. She made the bundt cake with a wonderful filling and “crazy creative” green leaves on it. The green leaves are gone…..they weren’t edible, but they were there. I promise. She had first “dibs” at the prize pitcher…….they all wanted that one. We got them calmed down before it turned into a “cat fight”. Now that would have been crazy! I wonder if she would let me have her sweater…. beings that I didn’t win anything?! 034.jpg      This is the “taste” winner, Dani. Oh my……..she made a deluxe carrot cake. Cream cheese icing to boot! My favorite. That cake had so many special ingredients it was just crazy. I took some of it home with me to eat with my morning coffee, but Earl got ahold of it. Grrr… I should have turned it around so you can see the inside. I am dense. I’ll just tell you…..It was awesome! She always wins….every time….she can do anything. It’s starting to really tick me off. Hahaha  I have to ask her questions about stuff because she’s young and I am old. 035.jpg     Last but not least……the “creativity” winner, Teresa. Her dish was a pasta mix with all kinds of fun ingredients. Of course, there was pumpkin. Weird, but I thought it was delicious. Throw in some fresh sage and you have a winner. I also brought some of these leftovers home……all mine. The “boys” don’t like weird, green stuff in their food. Suits me just fine. I love her prize……I wish it were mine. Oh, I almost forgot……there was pumpernickel bread to go with it. Now that hit the spot. Delicious! 010.jpg       Here is our table of food. The “committee members” were responsible for the soup. We had Wisconsin cheese, chicken chili, and southwestern bean. How is a girl to decide…… don’t… try them all. 013.jpg     Pumpkin spice latte. This totally speaks for itself. Awesome! I am seriously considering this for my “winter” drink. It may just help me make it through the long, cold, depressing months. Can you go wrong with a drink that has whipped topping?! 025.jpg     We even had pumpkin pizza. This one also had some crazy ingredients……..arugula, pumpkin, and loads of onions. I thought it was very tasty. I love onions. The crust was wonderful. So now, I’ll have to try this crust the next time I make pizza at home. It can’t be “fancy” pizza, because my tribe won’t touch it. Just regular will have to do. 016     Decisions, decisions. Trying to decide how to vote. It was a tough call, but we finally found our winners. I think we need to do this again. Oh wait…….what will I tell my “dudes” at home? As long as I don’t use the word party, or fun, or laughter…….they may not care. We better wait until calving season is over with before we make any big plans. 020.jpg     Our “cutting” girl. Slicing everything into small bite size pieces. We all had to sample every dish so that we had a fair contest. Needless to say, nobody went home hungry. We were all stuffed like pigs! Don’t wave that knife at me like that!!019.jpg     Oh dear……another crazy girl with a knife. Yikes! Look at those nice, big pieces of cake?! My mouth is watering just writing about this. Got any left, Dani??018.jpgHere we have the two young “whippersnappers” and the old milkmaid. Yes sirree…… we get our heads together and things start to happen. I always learn important things at parties like these. Like, the difference between black walnuts and English walnuts. Where they find their awesome recipes. All the community news…….because I’m out of the loop. I see nice hairdos, cute outfits, fancy shoes, and always someone has a purse that I wish were mine. Yep……girls night out is always fun. We are the “pumpkin eaters”…………………..Carol