With Halloween just around the corner…….it’s high time to get the candy drawers stocked and the yummy treats mixed up. There’s only one problem…I don’t get any little kiddos knocking on my front door because we live too far out in the “boonies” for that kind of thing. I suppose it could also be a little scary around here. With four dogs barking up a storm…..500 cats prowling around…..cows farting and belching…..and the crazy farmer that wakes up at the drop of a hat. I still keep my cupboards stocked……just in case. And it’s good stuff, nothing generic, because I will eat it later. It’s a good plan. 047.jpg         First on the list we have Halloween bark. This is very versatile stuff. I make it a different way every year. This year I used pretzels, candy corn, and peanuts. I also sprinkle black sugar over the top to give it a spooky look. 036.jpg       Line a baking sheet with graham crackers and melt half a package of almond bark, and you have yourself a fancy little treat. White almond bark is also acceptable, but I’m kinda partial to the chocolate colored. Sometimes I’ll crumble up Oreo’s, M&M’s, pecans, you name it…..the possibilities are endless. I also like to break it up and put it into the festive little bags. Only because it makes me feel better about my life. Everything else is always about cows, calves, dogs, cats, and plenty of cow poop. I have to do something cute and seasonal to help my mental state of mind! 035     Then we have the spicy pretzels. These are addictive. Everyone is making them. They are a popular snack among Michael and his friends. He takes them to school and passes them out. Sometimes he charges and other times they’re free. Quite the entrepreneur. I always make mine extra spicy. It’s a good way to “worm” your family. We worm the cow herd……why not worm the humans?! Shake in some extra spice and you’ll be good to go. When you’re around cows as much as I am…….you start talkin’ smack. Let’s move on. 006     See here……looks kinda cute. Especially for little trick or treaters. They’ll come back to your house every year. 048     Rice krispies! I love these dudes. And no…..I did not put pepper on these. It’s black and orange sugar. Everything is black and orange. It’s scary and spooky. 047      Oh my…..this looks wonderful. Let me get one thing straight about rice krispies. I do not like to break my teeth off when I bite into one. So, I make mine with plenty of “goo”, and they’re best while still warm. Also, add a pinch of salt to offset the sweetness. Does that even make sense?! Does anything make sense?! 092     Be very careful when you come to our farm…..the black cats are watching you closely. I gave this cat extra milk in exchange for sitting there so nicely.054     And watch out for the dogs….they’re ferocious!! They’re up all night guarding the farm and sleep all day. Quite the rowdy bunch. 046.jpg     Yep…..it’s a scary world I live in. I caught these “clowns” on a very chilly morning. They are the “spice” of my life………..062     And here’s the other “spice” of my life. They’ve all been wormed……and will continue to be wormed, because Mama likes spicy food………………..Carol