The boys had fall break last week. So we had some extra help with all the work around here. I just wish fall break would last for a month. We’re still having new calves daily. Sometimes we have one, two, three, even four a day. If we can just hang on for another month…..we’ll be over the hump. Then it’s all down hill from there. 033      Marshall had the “honors” of helping Earl bring in the new calf. Hang on tight, man. Once those little jerks start flailing their legs around…’s hard to hang on. 042            We like to bring the cow and calf in to our “tunnel of love”…..uh, I mean “tunnel of trees”. It’s quiet, shaded, and cool back there. The cow and calf have some “me” time without some other “fat pig” trying to claim the calf. Then, before chores Earl and the boys will go put the calf into a hutch and bring the cow up to the barn to milk. Looks like the calf is getting a “snack” right now. 049      Big Mama is giving me last minute instructions on how to care for her calf. I assured her that everything would be just fine and she doesn’t need to worry about anything. All she needs to do is concentrate on producing that delicious white stuff we call MILK.002     We’ve had some really cute colored calves the last few days. This little jerk is trying to get away and decided to take a tour of the dead tree pile. 001      You can run, but you can’t hide……you have to take your vaccine. Cinnamon” would be a very fitting name for this calf. We’ve had so many calves, that I haven’t even tried naming all of them. My brain is fried. It’s called “Mad Cow”. 043     I had a little talk with Brown Swiss while I was waiting on them to bring the new calf in. She’s nosy and wanted to know “what the heck I’m doing on her turf”. 044     I told her…..”just taking a few pictures of your fluffy ears”. She didn’t believe me.045     So I told her….”that’s my story and I’m sticking to it”. Just a little closer…..she had to make sure….. let me check that out…..have you got any feed for me?047     Ok…..whatever. I’m satisfied now. It smells safe, so I’ll let it go. The next time……bring some feed. It’s survival of the fittest back here and I need some extra calories. 019     Yep….fall break has come and gone. We didn’t get all the work done. They weren’t happy about going back to school. They would rather stay at home and do farm work. They are my “cool cats”……………………..Carol