Today is all about “preg” checking the cows. This is cow lingo, but it means the veterinarian comes out and checks the cows to see who’s pregnant. Usually we have to do the whole herd, but today was only a handful. Thank goodness……..preg checking is not my cup of tea. It takes so long….it’s exhausting work….basically I’m around the bovines from dawn till dark. Now that’s scary! Mad Cow in overdrive! 006.jpg      We had to sort all the cows. Barbara is not impressed. I just informed her what is going to happen, and she raised her eyebrows…’re what!!?? I told her that she was one of the main reasons we had to do it. She looks pregnant, acts pregnant, but can’t bump a calf. Bumping a calf……you take you’re hand and lightly bump the cow on her right side down by her lower belly. Usually you will be able to feel a calf. Earl couldn’t ever feel anything. 072.jpg     Candace was always Earl’s “right hand man” on this one. If he couldn’t bump a calf….he would always have her check. She could usually find the calf. That is if she wasn’t too busy with the cats. 010.jpg     These three are on the list to be checked. They were aghast when I told them what was about to happen. I told them…..ok, ahem….uhh this man is going to… know…..put his hand back there…..uh….and….uh…feel for a little “jerk”…..uhhhhhh…..yea, you know….preg check! It’s a piece of cake. Nobody will ever find out! Hahaha015.jpg      See, it’s not so bad. It only takes a few minutes. Yep….probably 5-6 months. That’s always nice to hear. We don’t want to turn a cow dry before we know what’s going on. Once they’re 7 months….they go to the back pasture and take a break from milking. They put all their energy into the calf. Then they “freshen” at nine months. Just like humans……only I never got a two month break to sit around and get fat. Hahaha  013.jpg     This is Barbara taking her turn. Yes, she was pregnant. Good girl! The vet will feel for “whatever he does in there” and then he can tell us how many months or days pregnant they are. If they can reproduce again…..what shape the uterus is…..any type of reproductive problems….. are they cycling……do they need any type of medicine…..the list goes on and on. It’s a very important visit.016.jpg     This is the “main man”……he’s been our vet for years and years. He probably knows too much. He’s been through the good and the bad times out here on the Troyer farm. But I’ve never heard him complain…..get mad…..throw things…..kick and carry on…..oh, wait….that was probably me. Hahaha Do NOT ask him any questions! He is not talking. The reason is……the whole crew always goes in and eats after we get done with vet work. It’s always the same menu….soup, hamburgers, chips and salsa, brownies and milkshakes. If he talks……it’s going to be “No soup for you”!!! Yes siree…..some day we will look back and laugh at all the crazy things that happened to us while preg checking the herd. Until then….let the madness continue………….Carol