Last week one morning we had some really heavy fog. Now word on the street has it that when there’s a heavy fog……..90 days later there will be some “wicked” weather. So, 90 days out puts us in the latter part of January. I want to keep tabs on that and see if any of that “rubbish” comes true. Wonder what the Farmers Almanac says? 063.jpg     Wonder what the Farmers Almanac says about sunflowers blooming on Halloween?! I took these pictures on that foggy morning. It reminded me of those mornings when you wake up with snow on the ground. Quiet and peaceful. Not much stirring around. Not even a mouse!060     Except for the cows…..they’re always stirring around. Nosy creatures! This was on our way to the back pasture to do the feeding. Check out the spooky objects watching you from afar. They got their days mixed up….they thought last week was Halloween. 055.jpg     Feeding calves…….where is the end of the line? It’s somewhere down there in the fog. I can hear those little jerks hollering for breakfast. The fog was so thick, it was almost like a heavy mist coming down. What’s out there? Did you hear that, Earl? Oh, yea…..more cows to feed. 039.jpg     We took off to go feed the “masses” of dry cows. As soon as they hear the four wheeler coming, they get up and start marching to Zion….uh, I mean troughs.041.jpg       When a cow marches,that means…..get out of my way….I’m coming through….I smell feed and I’m first in line. They run, push, shove, and bully. They have no manners whatsoever. 047.jpg     This is why it’s called survival of the fittest. If you’re shy….you’ll never eat. There’s a lot of pushing and shoving. 050.jpg     Excuse me….we’re trying to eat here. Can’t you leave us alone to eat in peace?! All you ever do is stand around and take pictures. The “big man” has to dump all the feed into the troughs while you just sit on that four wheeler and drive. Pretty sorry, if you ask me. Now scram and leave us alone! Yea….leave us alone.051.jpg      Here’s the “big man”……yes, he does dump all the feed into troughs. I would get trampled by those “pigs”, and besides….the “brothers” are back there. They come out of nowhere and stand right in front of you. It’s a dangerous world back there. And I’m scared of the “brothers”( clean-up bulls ). It is Halloween, you know. 052      Finally….they’re all fed. They came out of nowhere. They “horked” the feed down in approximately 10 seconds and then they were gone again. Disappearing into the heavy, cloudy, spooky fog. Just like ghosts! 044     Oh, please. Don’t take my picture. I’m embarrassed. Cameras make me nervous. Take a picture of the young whipper snapper beside me. She looks like she’s having a great day AND an awesome hair day! I think she got up on the wrong side of the pasture this morning. Or you can take a picture of that “fat belly” on the other side of me. Please….just not my picture.053.jpg     Aaaaack!!! These two “goons” came out of nowhere. Scared me to death! And they were both smiling! What the heck?! It was another scary selfie moment. Oh… I hate those moments. Sorry, I had to do it. Bad hair day and all! 027     I couldn’t let Halloween go by without posting another picture of a scary, black cat. They’re everywhere. I trip over them when I walk out the door. It’s maddening. And then they lay on my bathroom rugs. I swept the house for the first time in……..don’t know when. Needless to say…..I’m shopping for new rugs. I thought that this was a good enough excuse for new ones, don’t you………………..Carol