Well, it’s time to move some calves around again. We like to keep them in their own little hutches until they’re 2-3 months old. Then they get big and bossy, so we move them into group pens where they learn how to socialize with others of their kind. This was a good Saturday job when we have the boys home from school. 021.jpg     First, we had to get the fence ready. It’s called “button down the hatches”. Those calves can crawl through anything once they get to running.032.jpg     Marshall was the official wire cutter. Everyone had a job to do. Just a little fun fact here…….who wants to try and lift that spool of wire? It ain’t easy, man! 035.jpg      We had keep reminding Marshall to stay focused. First thing we know…….he’s up on the corner post pretending to be the “Statue of Liberty.” He wanted a flag to wave in the wind. 046.jpg     It’s finally time to move the calves from one spot to the next. Remember, these calves are now round as a barrel and stout as an ox. I told Earl I would give him 500 bucks if he could wrangle the biggest one to the ground and hold it down and sit on it. He didn’t take me up on my offer. That tells you how strong they are! Hahaha055.jpg     Marshall’s job was to hold them on the trailer, but he was getting extremely frustrated. So, Michael had to come to his rescue.058.jpg     Finally, after working all day getting ready for the big move……..turn ’em loose, and watch them go. After being cooped up in their hutches, they like to run and jump and try out their legs. 061      They were scared to jump off the trailer, so we had to give them a little shove. Whoa Mama, once they realized they were free…….you should’ve seen them run!!078.jpg     They took off like lightening. They didn’t realize how fast they could run. They had no idea how to use their brakes. They ran into the fence, ran laps around the whole perimeter…….free at last! Awesome stuff for a calf. 081.jpg     The Mama’s all stood at the fence and watched. I know exactly what they were thinking……”Oh, to be young and free once again. If only I still had that kind of energy. I wish I could run like that again. They sure grow up fast.” Cows and calves have a lot of the same similarities that humans have. We really aren’t that different…..just looks. I have definitely been around cows too long. Now, I’m comparing humans and cows. What next?! Let’s move on.033     The dogs hung out with us all day. We couldn’t have done it without “Sausage Mutt” helping. He’s the captain of the “ship”. Or so he thinks. He’s counting the days when Candace comes home to give him all the attention. What a “ham”…………………….Carol