Today is Veteran’s Day. Thank you veterans for your sacrifice. As the saying goes……freedom isn’t free. Our small town had a Veteran’s Day parade this morning. We rushed through all of our morning chores of feeding, grazing, milking, and more feeding so that we could make it to the parade on time. The high school marching band was in the parade and that meant Michael would be marching. Yee-haw! 032.jpg       Whew! We made it! What a beautiful sight. I’m a big flag fan. Just getting off the farm and seeing other human beings was nice. Little school children everywhere. They were like little ants crawling all over. Just to let you know…….it would take a lot of money for me to crawl to the top of that ladder. Yikes! I would be shakin’ in my shoes! 038.jpg     Aaaaah……yes. Here they come. Can you hear it? The drums beating….all instruments “blowing” and a beautiful song playing. I love it!043.jpg      Bulls Eye!! I should’ve “marched” right in front of him and really zoomed in. Oh my goodness! He would have “killed” me! Hahaha Yep……their marching season is over. Other than playing at the basketball games…….and the Christmas parade.044.jpg     Here we have a group of veterans walking. Everyone is clapping. Thank you! Thank you! 048.jpg      And then we have the “cool cars” driving along. No, that isn’t Earl waving at us. He’s right beside me…..wait, where did he go? Oh, I think he went in to Dollar General store. Yep…..he came back with three pair of sunglasses. Four bucks a piece. What a steal! He loses them as fast as he buys them. Ok….back to the parade. 050.jpg      Of course… wouldn’t be a parade without the fire truck. The Christmas parade is coming up and then we’ll see “Santa” smiling and waving from on high. He doesn’t wave to me……I thought I was nice all year….that was the cows….they’re the naughty ones, not me. 021.jpg     The fun is over….back to the bovines. Had to finish up a few things outside. Evening chores are just around the corner. Why can’t these cows take a day off?! I need a break. Whatever you do…..don’t let them know I said that. They’ll get all cranky and offended…………………………..Carol

P.S. I hear an iced coffee calling my name….and the bovines….and the laundry….and the dishes…….