It’s that time of year when you have “smores” on the brain. I always think of bonfires when the weather gets cool and “fall season” kicks in. Bonfires, hayrides, and “hot schmoes”. That is what Buzz Lightyear called them. Remember in the Toy Story movies? Ahhhh……yes, I love Toy Story. And Buzz Lightyear. So, I always say “schmoes”, and the kids just roll their eyes. Adds some pizzazz to an otherwise ordinary smore. 043.jpg      Yes sirree……this is the life! We’ve been picking up wood chunks for the last two months. We had to clean up under the tree line to make room for all the little “calf jerks” and their hutches. Makes for an excellent campfire. I just burn a little at a time in my fire pot.  031.jpg     So the other day I decided to start a fire and have a “premilking” treat. Something that would help us get through the next several hours of hard, stressful labor. Hahaha I believe Michael “horked” down about two of these dudes. He was crying for a glass of cold milk when he got done. 033.jpg     You betcha! Check this out! Uh…huh! That’s right! This makes milking cows alright. I think. Maybe. Sometimes. 041.jpg     Yes, I “snarfed” one down too. That “hot schmoe” looks so rich and sinful. Holy Moly! Needless to say….I survived the evening chores.  051      And then we have the “main dude”. He’s going to show you how it’s done. First of all……roast your marshmallow. Then put it on a graham cracker loaded down with a Hershey bar and maybe even a Reeses cup. There are no rules when building a “hot schmoe”. Or “smore” for normal people. 048.jpg       Take a huge bite! It’s a sticky mess, man! But oh, so delicious! 049.jpg      Hmmm….. is it missing anything? Nope, I think it’s the best smore I’ve ever eaten. Yea, I’m sure it is!053.jpg     Now that was “finger-lickin” good!! It doesn’t get much better than this. Doesn’t that fire look cozy? I love to light a fire and let it burn while we do chores. That way, if things get “tough”, I can step outside and sing a song by the campfire. Hahaha Works almost as good as my “lavender”. 030.jpg      Well, so much for snack time. It’s high time to rock n roll! Let’s get the ball rollin’. It’ll be dark before long. Chores……cows, calves, dogs, cats……..they rule. All the time. Every day………………..Carol