Last week I had a “deja vu” moment. It was a fun day. I had the chance to babysit one of my favorite little girls. Little Lizzie Jo. It brought back all the memories of when Candace was a cute little squirt. Are we allowed to have favorites? She’s a farm girl. Maybe that explains why she’s a favorite of mine. 067.jpg     Yep, here she is. She definitely got initiated while she was here. I was still finishing up my chores when she arrived, so I just did what I always did with my own kids. I took her with me. Here she is sitting with a newborn. She actually saw two calves being born that morning. She never once “batted an eye”. She’s going to be one tough little farm girl. I love it! 016.jpg     She loved riding on the gator. Of course, the dogs were beside themselves with “glee” that they had a tiny little “human” to play with. They wouldn’t leave her alone. 021.jpg     Clyde desperately wanted to eat that cracker she’s got in her hand. She hung on for dear life….and never let go. They licked her hand and tried their best…..but to no avail. Good girl! She sure showed them who’s boss. Haha 032.jpg      Some day she will make an excellent calf feeder. She just needs a little more practice. It doesn’t take long before they become professionals at it. 078.jpg     This is my favorite. She found a crusted, dried up cow pie. This was great stuff, man! She was really checking this stuff out. Picking it apart and trying to figure out what to do with it. No, she didn’t put it in her mouth. Hahaha I know her Mama quite well and I’m sure she will not panic when she sees her little “pumpkin” picking apart cow poop. 107.jpg     She had a front row seat on the “cow birthing” experience. I’m guessing she saw things that morning that most adults have never seen. Yep….that’s farm life for ya. That’s how my kids were raised. The guts and gore of it all. 089.jpg      Yes sirree…..the dogs have found a new best friend. They followed us everywhere we went. I think they felt responsible for her. They acted as if they needed to protect her. Well, with four dogs around here……I think she should be pretty safe. Please come again soon, little Lizzie Jo. The dogs want to play and I want to reminisce of all those precious memories when my kids were weenie little helpers…………………Carol