So, here’s the word on the street. I hear that “birthing photography” is the latest rage happening. All I can say about that is……Thank God I’m done having babies! Now on the flip side….the cows are still busy as bees popping out baby calves. So, I just want to shout out a warning. If you have a weak stomach, if you gag easily, if you can’t handle guts and gore…….you must stop reading right now. This post is NOT for the faint of heart! Walk away while you can. 062.jpg     Little Lizzie Jo wants to tell you about all the “guts and gore” she saw while visiting the farm. She thought it was awesome! This all happened when she was here that day.039.jpg     Earl, Lizzie and I were in the back pasture checking on another cow that had already calved, when we saw this “scenario” going down. The cow had it pretty much under control , but when she saw us coming she decided…..Aw, shucks, I think I’ll just let the farmer finish things up for me. I’m kinda tired anyway. Get this “baby” outta my rear end….NOW! 046.jpg     Earl dumped a bucket of feed in front of her and got busy. He hooked the “chains” to the legs and gave a few pulls and out it popped! We couldn’t have done it without the dogs’ help. They’re everywhere…all the time…..every day….. Looks like Earl could maybe use my help, but I’m busy taking pictures, man!049.jpg     The calf was saying…..What the heck just happened? Where in the world am I? Where is my Mama? Who are you? And why are you taking my picture? 053.jpg     As soon as the calf “pops” out, the Mama gets busy licking and says all kinds of “sweet nothings” to her baby. She cleans it all up until it’s dry and fluffy. Kind of disgusting, but that’s how it works. 095.jpg     Let the drama continue. We had another one right after the other cow got done. Only this time we had to put her in the corrals. Here’s Earl hooking the “chains” to the front feet……getting ready to pull. The front feet have to come first, and the head has to be right there lined up with the feet. Big girl needed help. The black one standing to the left just had a calf too. Earl and Michael had pulled that one a few hours earlier. The calf is laying there beside her. By the way……that’s a nice looking udder on that cow! Just saying…….Hahaha100.jpg     Earl got it all hooked up and with a few pulls……here comes another one. Looks like a pretty good-sized calf. No wonder she needed a little help. 102.jpg     The calf took a nose dive when it came out , so Earl was washing its nose off and cleaning its mouth of any dirt. The Mamas are “mooing” and “sniffing” trying to decide who’s who and all. It was a birthing frenzy!050.jpg     This cow wants to say a few words, so I told her to make it short and sweet. She says……..Yes, sirree…..I do all that birthing “cold turkey”, unlike some humans I know…..and I don’t mind having my picture taken….shucks, man, this stuff happens all the time around here. We just “pop” calves out left and right. It’s a crazy world we live in….but that “ole farmer”, heck…he sure knows what he’s doing. Not just anybody can pull calves like that dude can! Moo…..I gotta run, my calf needs some attention. 073.jpg     Little Lizzie Jo wants to say a few words too…….she had a blast at the dairy farm today. Cheese crackers, pumpkin cookies, cool drink, gator rides, and she helped “birth” two calves. She is now an expert. Yee haw! Yep….all in a days work! We had four calves born that day. We still aren’t done calving, but we’re getting close. Then we’re home free……………………..Carol

P.S. Michael has entered the ranks of “calf puller” too. He has pulled two calves all by himself this season. They were both in the dark too. Pretty good if you ask me.