Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone. I hope it was a wonderful time of feasting for everyone. It was a feeding frenzy around our house. We had more than enough and we’re still eating leftovers. My crew can only take so much and then it’s time to start from scratch again. They’ve never been big fans of leftovers…….kinda spoiled if you ask me. 042     These two weirdo’s were my “partners in crime”. Between the three of us we cooked like “girls gone mad”. Oh, wait…….we were mad before we ever started. My “Mad Cow” has rubbed off on them…..we all have the disease now. 035      This was our official meat carver. We had smoked ham AND smoked turkey. It was wonderful! Thanks to all the “smoker dudes” that did the dirty work for me. Makes my life so much easier. 055     And this was our official “bread spreader” or whatever you call it. She always spreads everyone’s bread with butter and jam. Always has, always will. Don’t try to get out of it……..you’re in it for life. 039       I was the official “tea maker”. All I did was brew tea. I just stood around and barked orders at everyone. Hahaha They all love me to death. 058.jpg     Come to Mama! This was awesome! My carnivores were in “hog heaven”. Literally! They all felt like bloated pigs by the time we finished  eating. Yee haw! 053.jpg     The carnivores moving in for the kill. Dig in, man! Is it really necessary to have so many desserts? Notice my redi-whip? I was too tired to whip up a batch of “homemade cream”…..maybe next time. I don’t think anyone even noticed. 012.jpg      Thankful?? Well, shucks yea we’re thankful. We got milked and fed on a holiday. Thank goodness. Now, we did notice that the “girl” human was a little testy that morning. She must’ve had a bad night or something. Or maybe she had more important things to do than chores. But then again, what’s more important than milking us bovines?! We haven’t figured that out yet……………………..Carol