Well, Candace made it home for Thanksgiving. Only for a week though, and before I knew it…….she was gone again. Gone to go see the world. Her new name is “globetrotter”. We always told her to travel and see the world before she settles down. What were we thinking?! 018.jpg      It was wonderful. We had all three of them in the barn. Working together, milking, feeding calves, and goofing off. Just like the good ‘ole days! 009.jpg     She didn’t particularly want to do any of the work, but wanted to visit with her “best friends”. Here’s Betsy…..our favorite cat. Enduring the “love”. 004.jpg     It wasn’t long before she found her favorite cow and gave her a big hug. Big girl doesn’t look too impressed but then again……cows are cool. Right?026.jpg     We finally got her to do some actual work, other than play with her friends. Hahaha  Question of the day…….does she look like she’s enjoying milking cows? Shhhh…….don’t tell her, but deep down inside she will miss this just a little bit. I know it! She just likes to make crazy faces anytime the camera comes out. 004      The dogs went nuts….oh wait….they don’t have nuts. Well, they went crazy with joy when they saw her. Especially Musket. He’s the patriarch of the whole gang. She bought a new shirt, and so she was doing a fun little “photo shoot” for me. Crazy girl! She better come home after her “globetrotter” days and take care of the hounds. More like….get a job to help pay for the dog food!073.jpg      So, since Candace left…….all the dogs want to do is lay on their straw pile and sleep. Lazy hounds! I think they’re depressed. We’re all depressed. Except for the cows………014.jpg     No, I take that back. The cows look a little depressed too. Especially this one. Is it because Candace left or because some idiot took a “dump” on top of her head, and now it’s running down her face?! Yea, that’s right! I’d be depressed too! 021.jpg     So, here we are. Depressed and sad, crazy and pathetic! We love you Candace. Come back to the farm as soon as you can. The cows, dogs, cats, and your crazy family want you back…………………………..Carol