Sad but true. Gardening season is over for me. I tucked everything away for the winter, and am trying to prepare myself mentally for the long, cold months ahead. I am ready for a break from the watering and weeding, though. So this winter I will look through all my gardening magazines and decide what project I want to tackle next year. I like to try new plants, dig up the old and move things around. It’s called “trial and error” in my garden. 086.jpg      This is my new arrangement for the winter. This bike comes from another of my “favorite Aunts”…..Clara. Yep, there’s a lot of memories right here. 046.jpg     I dug up all my “canna bulbs”, and “elephant ears”, and put them into old sacks. When you have cattle on the place, there’s usually some old mineral sacks laying around. Strong, sturdy sacks that are good for storing gardening supplies. 049.jpg      These canna bulbs multiply like crazy, so next year I’ll have to figure out where to put all of them. I’ll ponder on that this winter when I have nothing else to do. Whatever that means?! Work is never done on a dairy farm…….you just quit for the day and pretend you lost your list. 053.jpg     Here’s all the sacks I filled up. I store them in my storage room out by the barn. I’ll have to remember to turn the heat on when that North wind starts howling. Brrrr…..I’m shivering just thinking about it. I’ll take summer any day!056.jpg     I tucked everything into my “rustic garden shed” for the winter. So now it’s called my “cluttered” garden shed. My lanterns actually work…….I used them for a bonfire we had when Candace was home. They were kinda cozy. 061.jpg     It looks cluttered and unorganized, but I know where everything is. When spring rolls around, I’ll clean everything out again and give everything a new summer home. 058.jpg     I’m pretty sure the cats are going to find this pile of cushions and make their home in them this winter. Those lazy cats……..they walk around as if they own the farm. They think they’re so superior. At least ours do. 016.jpg     If this isn’t pathetic, I don’t know what is! We call this cat “screamer”, because he sits in the barn while we’re milking and meows at us begging for milk. Finally, we can’t take it anymore and he goes flying out the door, but alas, he comes right back in again. Crazy cats! He tries to look mean, but he’s just a big baby.062.jpg      Then again, the dogs always find the cushions too. Clyde decided he better get some “sun time” in while he can. Seems like the sun doesn’t shine much around here in the winter time. It gets pretty depressing. I had two beautiful, calm days to get “outside” work done. I’d love to have about three more weeks of those beautiful days. But, I’m pretty sure that isn’t going to happen. At the end of the day……………..this is what I feel like. As soon as my head hits the pillow…….I’m out. It’s a good kind of tired, if you know what I mean……………..Carol