First of all…….I broke my phone. Second…….I’ve been out of the loop for about four days. Third…….”going off the grid” cold turkey is not as easy as it sounds. I’m the type of person that will drop a phone in all the dirty places. For example……the smelly, rich cow poop. Lysol wipes come in real handy. So now, I’m back in business.

    I’ve been working tirelessly putting up decorations… my spare time. I finally got the outside done, but the inside is a work in progress. I must be really slow. I see everyone else’s lights twinkling…..except for mine. 068.jpg     Now doesn’t Michael look festive?! I’m bringing out all the Santa hats. Makes for great pictures. I always put lights up out in the barn. It adds a little extra pizazz during the cold, dark winter months. Once I get them up, they’re not coming back down for a long time. Usually around early spring…..when I’m certain that there is “life after death”. By then, they’re so filthy, that I just cut them down and throw them in the dumpster. That’s why I go shopping the day after Christmas… stock up on “cheap” lights.028.jpg     My brother is here to help out while Candace is traveling the globe. So, I had him busy helping me. He’s finding out that his sister really has lost her mind. 030.jpg     This looks totally safe. Standing on the very top of a ladder, in a cow lot…..with big, clumsy boots on. I was on a mission, man! The cows want to celebrate the holidays too. So, I always put lights out in the lot where they stand and wait to get milked. It has a calming effect……..I just made that up. Hahaha 034.jpg     This was my view from the top of the ladder. The cows always start coming up to the barn when it’s close to milking time. They were asking themselves….who is this weirdo standing in our way?! Be gone!! This is our turf! 037.jpg     See, it does add a nice, romantic glow. I have to tie them up tight against the pipe, or else they get caught on the tractor when I scrape the lots. 029.jpg     This was about the best I could do to show you the lights inside where we milk. At least you have an idea what I’m talking about. I know it sounds crazy…..but remember, I have Mad Cow.036.jpg     This is Earl’s Santa hat. He wears it all winter long. All fashion goes flying out the window when you’re in the barn milking cows. It’s about warmth, survival, getting the job done…………. I hope he’s in a good mood when he sees this picture. Or I’m dead!119.jpg     This is right outside the barn door. I think the “skull” gives it a nice touch. Hahaha How many cats do you see in this picture? 008.jpg     The “big girls” told me that they love the lights. They thought I was a tad slow getting them up………….but they’re not complaining. Bossy bovines!!130     Clyde wasn’t very impressed with his hat. I need to cut holes for his ears, so he can’t shake it off. What a ham! I think maybe the “antler headband” would work better. Wouldn’t that just “take the cake”, to see four dogs walking around with antlers?! I like that idea…………………….Carol