So, after I got finished decorating the barn……I moved to the front porch. Now you must know, that we don’t have very many visitors come to the front porch. They always congregate by the back door. I guess we’re “back door” kind of folks. That’s fine with me, but I still like to have my front porch looking nice and inviting. It’s just one of my hang ups. 121.jpg     I decided a long time ago to decorate for a “winter” theme instead of just Christmas. The reason is… takes me forever to get my act together, and so everything has to stay up long enough to actually make it worth my time. Like…all winter long. Lights and all. It makes the house look cozy. And I need cozy in the winter months. If we happen to get snow….the sled disappears, and the kids take it up on the hill for some fun.097.jpg     I like to use real greenery outside. So last week while getting cows off of wheat pasture, I spotted this tree loaded with berries. Oh my……I was so excited. I couldn’t wait for some freedom from the bovines to go “fetch” my decorations. 094.jpg     I loaded up Musket, the step ladder, and the big clippers. To the “back forty” we went…..with the ‘ole farm truck. 103.jpg     Of course, all the “dry” cows had to come over to the fence and find out what I was up to. Big Bubba (with the red tags), was a little intimidating. My escape route is going through my head…….just in case. I guarantee I could climb that tree in record time if I had to. 116.jpg     After I cut all the blue berries I needed, I headed on “deeper into the woods” to find some mistletoe. Earl had told me about some that he spotted along the fence line. Wow, my porch was going to be so awesome. Real live “mistletoe”. I was in “hog heaven”. I snipped off a nice little batch and headed home. I still had a lot to do and it was getting “dangerously” close to chore time. I didn’t have time to milk cows…..I was decorating my porch. Try explaining that to the farmer. 125.jpg     I loaded down my little table with lots of greenery and mistletoe. Of course, I had to keep the cow bells out, and I dug out the ice skates and hung them here and there and everywhere. When that North wind starts howling, it’ll probably blow everything to smithereens. 127.jpg     I had this red lantern for years before it finally ended up on the front porch. Sometimes inspiration takes awhile to get through my foggy brain. 123     This is all old stuff I already had. I filled the milk can with dead hydrangeas and crepe myrtle branches. So, I had everything lookin’ good, but the next morning on my way to the barn……..the lights were gone. It was still dark and I had decided to stop by and appreciate my hard work. I was aghast!! After investigating a bit……..I knew the dogs were the guilty ones. I just didn’t know which one. There are four, you know. Anyway, I found the lights, and low and behold…..they still worked. I couldn’t believe it. 124.jpg     Well, that’s it for the front porch. I’m done until early spring. I did have to stop and go milk before I got everything done. But, here’s the crazy part…..I went out after supper, dishes, and everyone was content, to finish what I started. It was dark, but not too cold, thank goodness. I couldn’t sleep until I had it all in place. And now, it’s time to head to the barn again…………..does it ever end……………….Carol

P.S. I still don’t have my tree up. Maybe that thing will stay up until February?!