Ok, here’s another post that is not for the “faint of heart”. Please look away if you have a weak stomach. Do not attempt to read this if you gag easily. I’m not responsible for any nightmares. 008.jpg      Here we have another set of twins…..I’m not sure how many that makes for this year. I lost count. Cute little jerks. Then they grow up to be bossy bovines! 067.jpg      So, after a cow has a calf or calves…….it sometimes gets pretty “rich” around here. They don’t always lose their afterbirth when they calve. When that happens, we have to help her by giving her some much needed medicine. I can always smell the “stench” when they come in to get milked. It only takes a few days for things to ripen. Earl will then try to gently pull out any afterbirth that he can, but never, ever force it out. That’ll cause more harm. After he pulls out what he can, he then puts some medicine “in there” to make her push the rest out on her own. It’s an “afterbirth” frenzy around here. The dogs are in “hog heaven” when that happens. 063.jpg       See, I told you it smells bad. Michael has to put his hand on the cow to keep her in place while Earl does his “magic” on her. This one was especially bad. She smelled to high heaven. Mama Mia! She stank up the whole barn. I can smell that stuff from a mile off. Disgusting! Michael is trying hard not to gag. Hahaha072     Earl had an audience. My brother doesn’t look too impressed. He’s had quite an education on “bovines” since he’s been here. Live and learn! Me……I’ve pretty much seen it all. That’s life on the farm. 074.jpg     Here’s the Doc and his equipment. The long “straw” he’s holding is where he pushes the medicine through with a syringe. The gallon jug is full of lubrication for cow comfort. And of course……the long plastic glove he’s wearing. Trust me…..the smell still gets on his arm. It has to “wear” off. I told him that I’m going to rub lavender lotion on his arm. Hahaha Lavender fixes everything! 111.jpg      Yep…..this is some good stuff. Marshall found this pile out in the lot, and so the boys picked it up and decided to play a prank with it. Hahaha Their friends have no idea what they’re looking at. I have seen so much afterbirth in my lifetime, that I just look the other way and keep right on walkin’…….but be very careful not to step on it. It’s slick, and will throw you down in lightening speed. Trust me…..I know what I’m talking about.031.jpg      Now we have Clyde having a little chat with his bovine friend. He’s telling her “Thank You” for the afterbirth. Makes for a great snack. Kinda like jerky……a dogs favorite chew toy. Well, there you have it…..the guts and the gore……the good and the bad and the ugly……we have it all………………..Carol