We’ve finally had our first cold blast of the season. We aren’t thrilled to say the least. Single digit mornings, frozen milkers, slick concrete floors, and a grouchy dairyman’s wife. Not a good combination. Do not ever tell a dairyman that you want snow for Christmas…..or anytime for that matter. You might very well get your head bit off. When you have to work out in the “elements” it’s a whole different ballgame. I keep telling myself….I love cold weather….I love frozen fingers….I love snow and ice….NOT! 032        We do try to look on the bright side….after I get done banging my head against the wall. Here’s Michael trying to ice skate on the stock tank. Any volunteers to chop some ice?! 069.jpg     Speaking of ice………Earl sets the hose on a constant drip so it won’t freeze. Cows can’t survive without water. Frozen water tanks are a dairyman’s worst nightmare. And also for the farm wife. Been there done that.048.jpg      It takes layers and layers of clothes to go out and do those chores. I think I’ve got about 30 extra pounds I’m carrying around. And trust me….I’m not always smiling. When my fingers get so cold that they burn……I’m not thinking “good” thoughts. It’s not a good time to visit with the ole’ farm wife! 047.jpg      Earl, on the other hand……doesn’t get cold hands. He’s a tough old boot. The cold weather adds so much extra work to an already hard day……that’s his complaint. He looks like an outlaw with his red bandana. All he needs yet, is a holster and pistol. Hahaha 024.jpg      The cows didn’t seem all that bothered. They were more concerned about their breakfast. They’ll stand out in the lot and wait for their turn…….chomping on their cud. I thought the icy whiskers looked kinda cool. She let me take a picture, but told me to be “snappy” about it. Kinda cranky if you ask me. She must not have had her coffee yet.026.jpg     Taking off to go feed calves. I’m pretty sure I was muttering under my breath. It takes an hour or so just to feed calves. Depends on how many helpers I have. The more the merrier! 063.jpg     My brother gets in on all the fun. Is it fun?! This is what our wagon looks like loaded down with milk and feed. We are filled to the max! A lot of heavy lifting for the “dudes”……not me. 028.jpg     The calves “slurp” down their hot milk in no time. Some of them jump the panel, they get so impatient. That’s when things start getting interesting. Grrr…..074.jpg      This little “jerk” is only a few hours old. I had the hardest time keeping the Santa hat on its head. I thought a newborn would be easy, but no….it kept trying to get up and then shake its head as if to say…..get this stupid hat off of me. Round and round we went! All the while, Earl was outside the hutch complaining about how I always have to take so many pictures. Hurry up! So, I had a few choice words for him too. Needless to say…..I got it done! Yee-haw! 011     And then it’s hot chocolate time. We go through a gallon of milk a day. Sure tastes good…..gets your innards nice and warm. All I need is a cozy fireplace and a good book. I’d fall asleep in 2 seconds…………………Carol

P.S. Reverse psychology doesn’t work for cold weather……I’ve tried it for years. I dread cold weather more and more every year.