I had big dreams for my Christmas tree this year, but alas, they didn’t come true. I had my heart set on going to the tree farm with the whole family. I wanted the boys to pick out our tree and cut it down ourselves. I always have a live tree anyway, and I just thought it would be fun to get it out of the field instead of the Lowes store. Hahaha 009.jpg      I held out for a long time, but finally realized that if we’re going to have a tree……..I had better head on over to my old stomping grounds and get the next best thing. 078.jpg     I took off for Lowes and to my surprise, all the trees were 75% off. What a deal!!! Of course, it was less than a week before Christmas. All normal people have had their trees up for weeks. We aren’t normal! The kind lady helped me pick out the “perfect” tree. She whacked off the bottom to give it a fresh cut, and trimmed the bottom branches, and I was set. All this for 8 bucks! I just took the netting off so the tree hasn’t had time to “fluff”. I watered it and told myself I would decorate tomorrow. 031.jpg     Well, everything was fine until late that night. The house was quiet, when all of a sudden I heard this big “swoosh” and Earl yelling out MAMA!! AAAACK!! I went scrambling for the living room and low and behold the tree was toppled over and all the water was pouring on to the floor. What a wreck! The “farmer” had fallen asleep on the couch and when the tree fell over he became totally unglued! I was frantically trying to “sop up” the water and calm down the “dude” all at the same time. It was quite comical! He didn’t remember anything the next morning. Hahaha So now……Michael and I are trying to get the dumb thing to set up straight and not fall over. I’m at my wits end by now. Michael is not impressed! We’re all tired and grouchy! And I have “blood” in my eyes! I have to fix this tree!! 035.jpg     So, it went another day before I had time to work on it. It was late and this time Marshall had fallen asleep on the couch too. So, I had Earl AND Marshall on the couch. Both snoring like a freight train. And a cat fight on the front porch. What a crazy world I live in…….but I persevered and I got that sorry tree put together. This is Earl’s train set from when he was a young little whipper snapper. I always like to put it under the tree. That’s what they’re for, right?! Aaaahhhh…….the good ole days. 014.jpg     This is my special ornament in honor of Candace and her “globe trotting” days. I was actually messaging her the night I was working late trying to get the dumb tree fixed. So I told her my dilemma and that I was on the verge of throwing the whole tree out the front door, giving the door a huge slam and wiping my hands of the whole mess. She thought I seemed just a tad tense. Tense? Heck yea….Christmas is only about 4 days away and I’m still working on my tree. Should I be tense?!  024.jpg       Big girl here is totally oblivious. She thinks I need to take a big chill pill. Tis the season to be jolly! Whatever! 007.jpg     Yep, we’re jolly alright. We have a glowing tree in the living room. Crazy boys in the barn! And plenty of nasty cats to play with. Just for your information…..the tree is staying up for a long time. At least the whole month of January……just because……it’s the right thing to do…….and I’m not tense…………..just a little……………Carol