Christmas has come and gone. I wasn’t sure I would survive….but I’m still kickin’. Not very high, but I’m here. Now, just because Christmas is over, doesn’t mean that we are done with the celebrating. Oh no, not yet. I told Earl that I am still celebrating for the whole month of January. There are too many things that I wanted to get accomplished and didn’t…… I’m just giving you fair warning. If I post something festive and twinkling……it’s the Mad Cow coming out. Our lights are still on, I’ve still got cookies to bake, I’m still eating a lot of chocolate, and yes, my tree is staying up…..indefinitely.  039.jpg      It’s wonderful having the boys home from school. We need all the help we can get. Marshall is a professional calf feeder. I’m pretty sure all farm kids get new stocking hats and chore clothes for Christmas. What else do they need?! 025            Michael is all set for “haying season”. A nice “summer” hat that protects and keeps you cool all at the same time. And a work tunes headset…….for those loooong days doing field work. Farm kids always get such practical gifts. We have to make work fun…..somehow….some way. I sure am enjoying my “drama filled” tree. It was worth it, now that I have it up and running. Hahaha057.jpg     Betsy the favorite……is still enjoying her Christmas. Fresh milk everyday….all year long. Can’t beat that. 036.jpg      So, the boys had some fun with her. They threw her onto the back of a cow while the cow was being milked. Betsy just settled in for the ride. She hung on until the cow walked outside and then decided that this was not for her, and high-tailed it right off of there. What will they think of next?! The cat loves all the attention.050.jpg     The cows were pretty pleased with their day. All they care about is wheat pasture, feed, and their festive lights. They told me to leave them up until spring. It helps with their morale……or maybe it’s mine I’m thinking about. Either way…..they’re staying up for a long time.059.jpg     A nice gift to a cow is a good scratch. So Michael gave her a nice head rub. She was in heaven. Just look how she’s leaning into it……aaahhhhhh……that feels awesome……don’t ever stop. Gift giving to cows is easy. 037.jpg     Ole Barbara is pretty content. She’s a mother in waiting. She’s not a “needy” cow, but she whispered in my ear that she does miss Candace. When is she going to be home? Will she come out and scratch my head again? Will Candace be notified when she has her calf? Do you think I’m a cool cow? I said “yes” to everything. I don’t want to get kicked while milking. 004.jpg     Musket, our three-legged hound is just happy to be alive. He had a nice Christmas…..with plenty of fresh “dog sushi” to chew on. It’s a full time job for him to keep all the young pups in line. So, he basically sleeps all day, every day. So now, another dog has made an appearance on the farm. Some loser dropped him off, I suppose. I have got to find him a new home…..he’s ugly and scrawny and I cannot afford to feed five dogs. Watch out neighbors!077.jpg     Marshall is out every day practicing with his new “toy”. A pellet gun. We’ll just call him the great white hunter. He says he’s going to shoot pigeons and feed the cats. Wonder how that’s going to work out?! I’m thinking I need to do some target practice myself. You never know when it’ll come in handy. Anything can happen on a farm.082.png      So, here’s to everyone out there. Hope you all had a great Christmas! Dairy families are always happy when the holidays are finally over. Life kinda goes back to a normal routine again. Still crazy, but a little more manageable. We can’t wait for spring to arrive…………………….Carol