I’m checking off my “to do” Christmas list slowly but surely. We still hadn’t gone to see lights, so this was the week. Do or die! Now or never! Seeing Christmas lights is a yearly tradition. It’s the rules. So, we took off for T-town……time to enjoy the light show. 015.jpg       First things first…..let’s eat!! So, we stopped and got a bite to eat. The only problem with that…..that activated the sleep button. We were toast! How were we ever going to stay awake to see the lights, much less drive home?! Thank God for a teenager. Michael was our chauffeur. And we made it home safe and sound! Hahaha020.jpg      There’s only one thing wrong here……where’s Candace?! She’s always with us. We talked to her on our way over to Tulsa…..she was just a tad bit jealous. It wasn’t the same without her sarcastic comments. Like Father like daughter……..026.jpg     We finally made it to the light show. Two country boys in the big city. Do they look a little “chilly”? I love lights! Earl doesn’t! He could care less. Once is enough for him. So, he stayed in the car…..and crashed. Party pooper!! See, that’s the problem when you’re a dairyman. Working outside in the cold air….all day….warm up….it’s all over. You are done for! We should’ve stayed home as tired as we were, but my Mad Cow was in overdrive. I had only 2 more days until the lights were over for the season. I couldn’t bear the disappointment. Seems I’m always pushing a deadline.028.jpg     It was beautiful! The trees were sparkling. I would’ve loved to have a cup of hot chocolate and sit right there at the table and soak it all up. But it was freezing cold and windy. Not an ideal situation. When you aren’t wearing overalls and 30 lbs. of chore clothes, it gets cold fast.029.jpg      It was just us three weirdo’s. We look like we’re having a great time. I made the boys take a selfie with me. They’re used to my “picture taking”, and so they just roll their eyes and go with the flow. Can you tell we were shivering in our boots….I mean shoes?! Brrrr…….039.jpg      The tunnel of lights! It was lovely…..with an Alan Jackson song. I love Alan Jackson! He was singing…..Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. I tried to “show and tell” Earl all the fun he missed out on. It never soaked in. It went in one ear and out the other.041.jpg     Just look at the sea of lights! So much time and energy that went into the whole display. And I thought I had it bad. Hahaha They are much more organized than what I am. They start months in advance. I definitely need to take notes. 031.jpg     Another selfie?! Oh, how I hate selfies. But sometimes you just can’t help yourself. It has to be done. Especially here……just look at that face Marshall is making. What the heck?! He did it for Candace. Then they send it to her and wait for her to reply. Oh, the craziness that follows. Thank goodness for technology. We can still stay in touch. Even if it’s on the other side of the world! 045.jpg      That’s all folks! Now that we froze our “butts” off, we are headed back to the good ole stompin grounds. It was fun….it woke us up….   One of these years we will force Earl to walk through it again. Maybe next year………………Carol