We have rounded the corner. The holidays are over and we’re into January. I’m not a resolution kind of girl. Been there…..done that. I may at times be tempted to make some, but instead quickly talk myself out of it and tell myself to straighten up and act my age. There is one thing that I always do every year, though. Eat pork and sauerkraut on New Years Day. This is very important……it’s Lucky Day. I grew up eating this for New Years Day and have carried on the tradition in my own family. The boys won’t touch the sauerkraut with a ten-foot pole, but will “hork” down the pork. That’s ok….leaves more for me. 008.jpg     Here you have it! Fit for a “Farm Queen”…..my self-proclaimed title around here. Oh Mama!! Was this ever good! The only problem was….I filled up way too fast. And yes, the bread is bought. Don’t judge until you milk cows twice a day. Hahaha I didn’t have it in me to make homemade rolls. My family was “lucky” they got the pork and kraut. I can justify…right?! 017.jpg      What is this? Drinking a cold one on the job?! Let me explain. That pork we had for lunch…..it was a spicy version. Michael and I were milking away and finally I told him….”the pork is just about to kill me…..I’m dying of thirst”. It needed something more than water, too. So, I marched on over to the “barn fridge” and cracked open a cold one. I guzzled down about half of it and handed the rest to Michael. Oh…..the burn! It was fantastic! That’s all it took. It took care of all my ailments in about 1 minute. Why else is it called Dr. Pepper? Lucky Day!062.jpg     These two “hounds” were so “lucky”. Farmer Brown took time to give them a nice rub down. They come and go as they please……and get whatever they want. Spoiled rotten or just “lucky”? 068.jpg           This calf is “brand spankin” new. I’d say it’s pretty “lucky” to have a nice, cozy hutch waiting for it. I know what the calf is thinking…….Lucky? You betcha! I’m feeling pretty good……now, quit taking my picture and go get me something hot to drink….human! 075.jpg          Here’s “Lucky Girl”. She’s clueless about “luck”. All she cares about is getting in the barn and eating. Look at that perfect number seven on her forehead. If that isn’t “lucky”, I don’t know what is. 077.jpg     I’m thinking Michael is pretty “lucky”. This cow was waiting to come in the barn to get milked, so he decided to try and hand milk her. “Lucky” she decided not to kick him. 034.jpg     Michael is “lucky” the ice didn’t break underneath him. Oh man! Now that would’ve been funny. I’ve fallen into a water tank in freezing temperatures and I know exactly how it feels. Not a good situation……it was not a funny moment for me. I’ll leave it at that. 060.jpg     I’m a “lucky” girl. I get to work with these two scalawags every day. They make life on the dairy a lot more interesting and fun. Couldn’t do it without them. Even though they have their “moments”. Haha That is one “lucky” cat. 005.jpg     And this is the “lucky dude” that works with me everyday. Don’t ask him how he feels about that. I’m not a morning person. I’m not always happy and bright. I don’t like cold weather. What do I like?! Well……I’ll give that some thought. While I’m thinking……..I’m pretty sure I’m a Lucky Girl…………………..Carol

Happy New Year!!