This morning was just like any other morning……COLD! I was awake, but not really….I didn’t know where I was at….what I was doing….or how I got here. I was still waiting for the caffeine to get into my blood stream and jolt me into reality. I was standing in front of the fire out by the milk barn and I kept hearing a kitten MEOW! Over and over and over. If that doesn’t penetrate into a “foggy” brain, I don’t know what will. Shut-up!! I’m going crazy! After further investigation, I realize it fell down behind the hot water heater and can’t get out. It was calling for help. 003.jpg      This is the annoying little grievance. It always happens to the cutest, and favorite of the whole batch. This little “jerk” has fluff and green eyes that will almost soften the heart of any “cat hater”.  Now, the “nasty felines” are not supposed to be in the milk house….according to the inspector. They have discovered the milk haulers “port hole”, and come and go as they please. I always tell Earl to lock them out, but he has a soft heart for little critters……….  018.jpg     So, we’re all trying to figure out how to get this “kitty” out of it’s predicament. We’re looking at a 75 gallon gas hot water heater. This is one heavy dude! It cannot be moved. Yea, that’s right….Betsy is sitting right smack dab in the way. Michael can’t quite squeeze back that far. Haha021.jpg      Earl thought he would take a turn. He actually tried to “push” the hot water heater to the side to make room. He discovered that it probably wasn’t a good idea. He strained his back and was feeling a bit queasy. Who does he think he is……Incredible Hulk? I told him he didn’t turn green. That’s why. He didn’t think I was very funny. Just in case you’re wondering…..that big “muffler” on the top is a makeshift vent. We installed this thing over the weekend and didn’t realize that they blow a lot of “hot air” out the top. So now we’re trying to utilize the hot air by heating the milk house. Earl didn’t want to burn the barn down, so he vented away from the ceiling. Temporary, but permanent. Make sense? Nothing makes sense around here.023.jpg     Then they got the ladder out. No luck there either. What the heck?! We definitely have a problem. These things always happen on the coldest mornings. By the way…..I’m milking and taking pictures all at the same time. Udder chaos! 024.jpg          And then the milk hauler arrives. He’s one of the faithful and few. Every day. Doesn’t complain. Always happy. Likes the kittens. I should be ashamed!031.jpg           Well, he got in on the action too. In fact……he got the kitten out. He suggested we pull a block away from the bottom and make enough room to reach back in there and pull it out. Just in case you haven’t noticed…..overalls are a “man thing” around here. Every time I turn around I have overalls staring at me. Big ones…little ones…dirty…smelly…tattered and torn. Aaaaack! And yes….that is Earl’s back forty we’re looking at. I was trying to be as “discreet” as possible so as not to attract too much attention. It’s the best I could do under the circumstances.032.jpg      This is just hilarious! The milk hauler on the floor….all because of a kitten. And boy let me tell ya….when that kitten discovered freedom. It was like a streak of lightening zipping across the floor…headed for the nearest “exit”. Haha  Our milk hauler has now reached “genius” status.017.jpg     Well, thank goodness we got that taken care of. Now, let’s get back to work. The caffeine is starting to soak in….why else would I be smiling?! That white paper towel is used to cover my coffee lid so as not to get germs on it. Why should I care about germs? It’s just there to make me feel better………….Carol