Today I’m going to talk “tea”. Our church ladies always get together in January for a post holiday tea party. It helps with our holiday blues and the depressing cold days. Everyone always has a great time. We lasso some willing ladies to decorate tables and then we vote and announce the winners. 102.jpg     Here we have this year’s winners. Don’t they look lovely?! To the left we have the Mother and daughter duo. Tsk..tsk..tsk.. What are we going to do with Dani?! She’s the one on the far left. Always the first place winner. In every event. Never loses. Talented in everything…….it really ticks me off. So, we the committee decided to “ban” her from participating in any competition from here on out. Amen! Just kidding…..Dani. We love you! Next we have Kristina…..holding the blue dish. She was third place winner. And lastly….Betty. She was second place winner.041.jpg     This is the first place winner. “Mother Teresa” got a new set of dishes. So, daughter Dani put her brain to work and created a fantastic table setting. Great job!044.jpg     This is our second place winner. I like to think of it as a “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow. I love the dishes…..I love the napkins and holders…..and the “genie” lamp. It’s a teapot, but I like the “genie” idea. Haha Do you see it? Wonder what would’ve happened if I would’ve rubbed on it a little?! I love the black and gold theme…..beautiful! 043.jpg     Here is our third place winner. Simple and elegant is what I call it. The lantern was lit for a soft, and soothing glow. This was the table to sit at if you wanted to calm any frazzled nerves. More beautiful dishes!110.jpg     Now I want to introduce you to my fearless leader. Sharon and her little cutie pie. She was the head honcho of our committee for this last year….did a fantastic job….always calm….always cool. A good example for a “Mad Cow” girl like me to follow. 045.jpg     We lacked a few volunteers, so we the committee decorated a few tables too. This is what Sharon dreamed up. She had little chocolate favors and the can was filled with fancy flavored wafers. We snitched a few and they were awesome. I like this table. It’s bold and energetic! I like black. Must be because of all the black and whites I see everyday…all day. 083.jpg      This is Evie, and her handsome little fella. She’s our other committee member that I got to work with this last year. Crazy, creative, and full of fun. She’s still on for another year. Thank goodness, because I need to work with “young blood” to keep me hoppin’. Her little guy was totally bored with our tea party. 048.jpg     This was Evie’s table. She also had chocolate favors. I brought some home with me. Her centerpiece glittered and made it look fancy schmancy. Just remember….all that glitters is not gold. Haha She has great taste…I’ve been in her home.  072.jpg     And another table. I was dense and didn’t get a picture of the fine lady that decorated this. She is young, sweet, and quiet as a mouse. We had some more chocolate favors on this table. Chocolate was very popular. It’s difficult to see…….but the dishes were beautiful. They had a single rose design on them. Old and priceless dishes… them. 047.jpg      I had to decorate a few too. I love poinsettias and I still had a few setting around the house. I put some spicy pretzels as my favors. Where is the chocolate? What was I thinking?! And my napkins were paper…..where are the fancy cloth napkins?! I need to take notes from the winners. 060.jpg     This is another one I did. It was called Frosty the Snowman turned Baker. This was fun putting together. Lots of goodies to take home and snack on. This is where all my chocolate went……on the Snowman table. 085.jpg     The dessert table! We, the committee members, made the desserts. We had a beautiful assortment, if I must say so myself. And everything was fantastic. We had a few leftovers, so we mix and matched and took them home for our “breakfast treats” the next morning. The perks of being in charge. We get the delicious leftovers. 078.jpg      Of course, we also had hot food and salads. A little bit of everything, you might say. A “cow girls” dream. A table full of delicious food…..chow down! Wonderful! 096.jpg     Everyone brought a coffee mug to exchange…..and if you forgot, we had plenty of extras. So, we played musical chairs to decide on how to exchange the mugs. Here is one of our oldest players…..Katie Mae. She’s almost 83….and still marching. Not bad, not bad at all! We were marching to the tune of Jingle Bell rock……097.jpg     This is after the game. I think she’s telling Sharon that she enjoyed the fun, but next time we should probably have a little faster song to march to. Haha If I can still “march” when I’m her age…….I’ll be feeling pretty good about myself!! 108.jpg     We had to take a selfie, because we were so busy and totally forgot to have someone take a picture of us weirdo’s. We had a blast. Until next year………………Carol