Let me just say that we do not live a “soap opera” life. We are about as far from a “soap” life as there is. Especially right now. It’s cold, dreary, brown and ugly. It ain’t pretty , man! But every once in awhile, if we look past all the “muck and mire”, we will spot some beautiful. We’ve had some pretty wicked cold weather, and then it’ll warm up for a few days and give us a breather. This gives us a chance to regroup and catch our breath before the next cold blast hits. It’s a vicious cycle! All winter!053.jpg      Marshall’s glacier. We had to break ice for the bossy bovines in the back pasture. So, we picked up a piece of ice and turned it over. This is what we found. It was ccccold, but beautiful. 007.jpg       The other night I was milking away and Marshall comes walking into the barn and made this announcement………I am now a real man! I climbed to the top of the silo. Haha He was shaky, but he did it. When he got to the top, he stared into the hole until his eyes adjusted to the dark. Staring right back at him…….big ole’ owl eyes. Swaying back and forth. Freak out time! He quickly climbed down……..check that off his list. 014.jpg       When it gets really cold, the barn door gets all frozen up and fancy. I thought maybe if I stared at it long enough, I would be able to see some “writing on the door”. Nope, just beautiful designs. Crazy how that happens. 011.jpg     I was taking pictures of the sunrise…..and was confronted by this “nosy” creature. They think they have to know everything. She just walked out of the barn…….there’s still a little breakfast on her nose. Wipe it off, sister….it’s driving me nuts. They use that long tongue and lick everything clean. Yum! I have seen where all that tongue has been……113.jpg         Seems like on the coldest mornings…..I spot the nicest pictures. I love cows on pasture…fluffy clouds…”kind of” green wheat grass… Just wait until spring, then I’ll show you green wheat pasture. Beautiful! 029.jpg       I love this……cold and beautiful. They always “hunker down” around the hay feeders trying to stay warm and cozy. These are what I call the “teenage” group. Naughty and not so nice. Full of mischief. Always looking for trouble. Pushing their boundaries. Now you know why they’re called teenagers. 119.jpg     Big girl was posing, and she desperately wanted to have her picture taken. So I told her I would say a few kind words about her. She’s not mean…she gives our “butterfat” a boost…is very mature…is a milkin’ machine. Nice posture, sister!023.jpg     I was in the back getting ready to feed calves, when I decided the calves will have to wait. It’s more important to capture the beautiful sunset. In the meantime, a calf became impatient and decided to make a run for it. It cleared the panel and came running over looking for milk. It totally messed up my concentration. Grr…. So, I put my phone away and began the long process of feeding calves. I enjoyed the rest of the sunset while I was feeding calves. Until next time………………Carol