I decided to give you all a little update on our “farm girl” turned “globetrotter”. She’s doing great. She loves her travels….loves her team….and is not homesick. Ever! I keep asking her every time I talk with her….homesick yet? Nope! Not yet. She won’t be either. Candace is not a “needy” person. I guess that’s what growing up on a dairy farm will do to a person. 026     Here she is…..all smiles. It’s crazy how we can communicate when she’s on the other side of the world. Gotta love technology these days. Seems like she always calls when we’re in the barn doing chores. I think she’s trying to say that she misses all that work. Haha She’s almost exactly 12 hours different than us…..when we’re getting up, she’s ready to go to bed. But almost a day ahead of us. Does that make sense? 001.jpg     Here’s her team she’s traveling with. They have way too much fun. What a blast! She’s making friends for a lifetime. Not to mention….memories. So, I’m thinking that she needs to bring the team to Oklahoma this summer. We would get some serious work done….but then again, maybe not. Haha002.jpg     She’s in awe of the beautiful scenery that she’s experiencing. She’ll send pictures of her “view”, and tell me what they’re doing. I’m pretty sure she’s trying to make me jealous. All I ever see is those bossy black and whites! Yep, it’s working…..I’m jealous! 010.jpg      This totally freaked me out! She sent me this picture and told me that she got “tatted”. Well, farm girl that I am…..I was ready to have a total meltdown. What am I going to tell her Father?! That is so hideous! Please no….my little girl leaves home and this is what she does?! I thought I taught her better! Did I mention….What about her Father?! She had me going. Then she finally told me it was just a “henna design” that will slowly fade. Living the culture! She sure scared the “Mad Cow” out of me! Oh, she thought she played such a hilarious trick on her Mother! All I could say was….Thank You, Thank You! It’s not “real”. The bovines would NOT like that at all.038.png

     Aaaaahhhh……beautiful! This is what she’s seeing first hand. Oh, the pictures she will have to show us. She’s a camera “nut” like me…… Can’t wait for her to come home. She’s the only one that can  “sing” in the barn and get away with it. She’s the only one that can make Earl laugh and “chill out” when the tension is so thick that we can cut it. We need her at home. The dogs need her. And the cats. And the bovines. But most importantly….the “humans” need her the most………………..Carol