Last weekend we were supposed to have some really wicked “ice” weather. Ice is bad any way you look at it, but especially if there’s cattle in your life. So, of course we were hoping and praying that we would miss all “wickedness”. Amen! Sure enough, we were right on the line. We got mostly cold rain and just a “weenie” bit of ice. Thank goodness! We have lived through ice storms, snow storms, and mud storms. We always discuss which is the worst case scenario. Ice is first, then snow, and then rain/mud. They’re all bad news for a dairyman. 022.jpg       Thank goodness our two “farm boys” were home to help out with all the chores. Looks like double trouble if you ask me. They can handle the cold much better than I can. Just look…..they’re “kinda” smiling. Sorta. Maybe. Is that a fake smile?018.jpg      We headed to the back to feed calves, and as we rounded the corner…….the trees were beautiful. Just a “nice” batch of ice. Nothing terrible. It was beautiful and miserable all at the same time. Mostly wet and cold. It was misting on us the whole time we were feeding. 012.jpg     Of course……I had to whip out the camera and take some “ice” pictures. Hopefully this is all the ice weather we’ll get for the rest of the winter. What in the world is this “dude” smiling about?! Doesn’t he know better?! Musket always gets extra “frisky” when it gets cold outside. Probably because that “4th leg” doesn’t hurt so bad. Haha Good ole hound!014.jpg       Do we have twins? Nope, it’s just the same ole’ hats. Does anyone still wear stocking hats with cute little balls on the top? Or are we the only weird ones left? Hey man……if it keeps our head warm……we’re going for it! We are the “fashion” family. Those calves can slurp that hot milk down in approximately 3 seconds. Give or take a few. 016.jpg     We had Marshall down at the end feeding bottles. Everyone has a job to do. No slackers!! Slackers get fined or fired. I’ve actually tried to “slack” and I can’t get fired. Figure that out! 023.jpg     Have you ever tried to get “net wrap” off of a frozen bale? It will shoot your blood pressure sky high….you will question your sanity….break a sweat in freezing temperatures….mutter not so nice things under your breath…..maybe even scream and throw a total fit. Earl can tell you first hand just how frustrating this is. So, when freezing rain is in the forecast…..he makes sure all the hay and bedding bales are inside. We’ve learned a few things over the years.024.jpg      After the chores were finished…..I walked around the house to check on my flowerbeds. This is my “hiding spot” from the world. I can sit on this side of the house and nobody will find me. Sweet! It’s off the beaten path….away from the noise….a quiet place to rest. And sip on my “drink of the day”….cherry limeade or iced coffee or iced tea or Dr. Pepper (when times get really stressful) or Gatorade…..the list goes on and on and on. But alas, it’s way too cold to sit in my “spot” right now. I can’t wait for spring, warm weather, flowers, and gardening………………………Carol