What can I say…..we’re a pretty rough bunch. Dairy folks are one of a kind. We see, hear, and do things that your normal “run of the mill” people will never experience. Let me take you to the barn with me……it’s time you learned what really goes on out there. And always remember……what happens in the barn, stays in the barn! 396.jpg     Here we are….in our finest milking attire. I can’t keep up with my laundry…..ever! My laundry room always stinks. My floors are always dirty. And there’s boots stacked everywhere. Yes, the cows love to photo bomb!! 376.jpg      Here’s Michael. He is a professional milker. It’s a toss up who the fastest milker is. Earl will say that he’s faster than any of us…..and I, of course, will say that I can beat the socks off of Earl……Michael doesn’t say anything…..he just fly’s on by. You decide.  391.jpg     Here we have the “self proclaimed” speed demon. If you look closely….his hat is inside out. Don’t judge too harshly….we’re still asleep when we walk out the door. The milkman told me this morning that he drinks two cups of coffee just to get one sock on. That made me feel much better about ourselves. 400.jpg     And this is “the kid”. He doesn’t argue about speed. He has his own rules….one speed….all the time. Is this allowed?! Only if you’re pushing over a brand new heifer. She just had a calf for the first time ever. So, they need to feel some “weight” against them so that they don’t try anything funny. She was very calm….otherwise he would never have been able to “play” on the “cellular device”. Ha ha She would have punted that sucker clear across the barn. We’ve had some very interesting rodeos. 004.jpg      This is what brand new heifers do. They refuse to walk in the barn for the first time……then, once they’re trained……you can’t keep them out. They’re so excited to come in and eat, that they jump down in the “pit” with us. Sorry sister, no can do. You can bet on it….before they turn around….they’ll leave a big pile of “poop” on the floor. That always makes Earl very happy. Ha ha I’ve seen them walk the whole length of the barn…..over into the tank room…..sniff around…..and finally come back and walk out into the herd again. It’s just another day.386.jpg      Everyone has an infatuation with the “curtain”. The whole end of the barn is wide open. In the summer time, it’s awesome. Keeps the air moving. But wintertime is a different story. It gets pretty “chilly” in there. So, we put up a heavy curtain that we pull back and forth. It actually does a pretty good job. Remember, we’re working and that helps keep us warm. Earl’s favorite line is…….Awwww….just wait till the cows come in, and their body heat will warm this place up. That always ticks me off. Especially when it’s single digit weather. Brrrr…… Looks like Michael is saying a prayer. 399     The cows love to play hide and seek with the curtain. They stand as close to the edge as possible. Sometimes they get shoved down by another “bully” cow. I have come face to face with a cow that’s been shoved down. She pushed me down on to the floor and we looked each other “smack” in the eyes. Her eyes were as big as mine. I was so scared that I couldn’t even remember what all happened. Marshall witnessed the whole episode and told me everything play by play. Close call! We’ve all had close calls. Amen! 381     Yea, that’s right. Check out my new boots. These suckers have some serious tread. Not just any boot will do. Some get slick and will set you on your butt in a flash. Been there, done that. I need a new pair about every six months. Muck boots are painful when they get worn out. So, I bite the bullet and go buy another pair. It ain’t cheap. man! That’s painful too. 395.jpg      This is what every dairyman likes to see…..an udder full of milk. This means they’re relaxed, comfortable, and ready to be milked. Somebody quick….get that milker on her. What’s taking so long….I thought we were all the fastest milkers ever……………………Carol